Authorising someone to access your account

You are giving someone access to your account

Here’s how it works

An account mandate is a way to give someone else access to your account. You will then be the authorising party and the person you authorise will be the authorised party or representative. Who you authorise is entirely up to you, as long as the authorised person is aged 18 or over. Needless to say, responsibility for your current account will continue to lie with you.

How to give someone access to your account

Authorising another ABN AMRO customer

Giving someone else access to your account is very straightforward using Internet Banking. The person you give access will subsequently be able to do your online banking. The only condition is that this person must hold an ABN AMRO debit card in his or her own name. 

  • Click ‘Authorise someone online’ and request the account mandate. 
  • Within 3 working days, you will receive a confirmation letter and an Access Agreement at your home address. 
  • Sign the agreement to give the authorised person access to your account and return it to ABN AMRO. 
  • The account mandate will be processed within roughly 5 working days. 

If you are an account holder without Internet Banking or the ABN AMRO app, or you want to request an additional debit card for the authorised person as well, please make an appointment at one of our branches for you and the person you want to authorise.

Authorising someone who is not an ABN AMRO customer

  • Make an appointment for you both to come to one of our branches to set up the account mandate and arrange an additional debit card. Be sure to take proof of your identity with you. 
  • If you’d prefer not to come to a branch, the person you want to authorise can always become an ABN AMRO customer himself/herself. Becoming a customer is easy to do online. You can then set up the account mandate online. 
  • If you have mobility restrictions, we can arrange for you to set up the account mandate at home.     
    • Contact us request a remote account mandate. The person you want to authorise can also request this at a branch. One of our advisers will call you back to go over your account mandate request with you. Next, our partner company AMP Groep will schedule an appointment to come to your home to have you sign the account mandate. The account mandate will be processed within 2 working days. 
    • Ask one of our Financial Care Coaches for help (in Dutch).

What the authorised person can do on your account

If you have authorised someone online to access your current account, this person will only be able to do your online banking. This means that the authorised person will not be able to sign paper-based transfer forms or acceptgiros on your behalf. And if the authorised person has any queries relating to your account, ABN AMRO will not be allowed to help him or her. 

If you want the authorised person to be able to do exactly the same on your account as you, we will need a power of attorney from you drawn up by a notary. 

See below what transactions the authorised person is and is not allowed to carry out on your account.

The authorised person is allowed to...

  • transfer funds from your account 
  • view and download transactions 
  • make payments and withdraw cash using an additional debit card 
  • bank online in the ABN AMRO app

The authorised person is not allowed to...

  • change your address 
  • request a debit card 
  • request, amend or cancel products 
  • change limits
U kunt een machtiging wijzigen of stopzetten

Changing or cancelling an account mandate

Please visit one of our branches to change or cancel the account mandate. There’s no need for the authorised person to join you. As soon as the account mandate has been cancelled, the authorised person will no longer be able to use your account, i.e. neither do your online banking nor sign transfer forms.

Wat gebeurt er met de machtigen na overlijden?

In the case of bereavement

The account mandate will automatically be cancelled upon the account holder’s death.

Is het veilig om iemand te machtigen?

In case of fraud

If you suspect fraud with the account mandate, make sure you report it to us right away. Also if the authorised person occasionally sends payments that look suspicious to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up an account mandate is free of charge. If you have requested a debit card for the authorised person, please check the overview of fees for the charges involved.
Adding accounts for which you are authorised couldn’t be any easier. Read ‘ How can I rearrange the layout of my account overview? ’ (in Dutch).