U bent succesvol uitgelogd.

U kunt iemand anders machtigen voor uw betaalrekening

Authorising someone to access your account

You are giving someone access to your account

Here’s how it works

An account mandate is a way to give someone else access to your account . You will then be the authorising party and the person you authorise will be the authorised party or representative. Who you authorise is entirely up to you, as long as the authorised person is aged 18 or over. Needless to say, responsibility for your current account will continue to lie with you.

zoh helpen we u

Cancel authorisation

Would you like to stop an authorisation?  You can arrange this by phone. Don't forget to have your ABN AMRO app and a valid ID to hand when you call. You will need this to stop the authorisation.

Wat gebeurt er met de machtigen na overlijden?

In the case of bereavement

The account mandate will automatically be cancelled upon the account holder’s death.

Is het veilig om iemand te machtigen?

In case of fraud

If you suspect fraud with the account mandate, make sure you report it to us right away. Also if the authorised person occasionally sends payments that look suspicious to you.