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Changing your PIN

You can change your PIN yourself at a Geldmaat ATM. This allows you to choose a PIN you will easily remember.


Step-by-step guide to changing your PIN

  1. Go to a Geldmaat ATM near you.
  2. Enter your current PIN.
  3. Select ‘Pincode wijzigen’ [Change PIN].
  4. Enter your new 4-digit PIN and press ‘Goed’ [Correct].
  5. Enter your new PIN again and press ‘Goed’ [Correct].
  6. Your PIN has been changed.

Please note: if you change your PIN, we won’t be able to send your selected PIN to you if you forget it. In that case, you’ll need to request a replacement debit card with a new PIN. So think carefully about whether you really need to change your PIN.


Forgotten your PIN?

If you have forgotten your debit card’s PIN or you cannot remember your 5-digit identification code. Find out what you can do.