Requesting an additional debit card

Done in a minute

You can easily request an additional debit card in Internet Banking. Convenient, if you share a current account with your partner.

Request on Internet Banking

  1. Log in to Internet Banking.
  2. Go to 'Self-service’.
  3. Under ‘Direct service’, choose ‘Request new product’.
  4. Under 'Payment', choose 'Request additional debit card'.
  5. Follow the steps to request the additional card.

Costs of an additional debit card

The costs depend on the payment package you have.

2nd debit card 3rd t/m 5th debit card
EasyPay Standard € 1,58 per month Not applicable
EasyPay Extra € 0,60 per month € 0,79 per month
EasyPay Max Free € 0,79 per month