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Additional debit card

If you’d like to have a spare card, you can easily request an additional debit card. If you want to allow someone else to make payments from your account, this has to be someone you have given access to your account through an account mandate or with whom you have a joint account.

Requesting an additional card for yourself

  1. Log in to the ABN AMRO app.
  2. Go to ‘Profile’ and tap ‘Debit cards and wearables’ under ‘Accounts and payments’.
  3. Tap ‘Debit card settings’.
  4. Tap ‘Request an additional debit card’.
  5. Follow the additional steps and request your additional card.
  1. Click the button below and log in.
  2. You will then get the 'Request an additional debit card' form.
  3. Enter all your details and submit the request.
  4. The replacement debit card will be delivered within 5 working days.

Requesting an additional card for someone else

Authorise someone to access my account

Authorising someone to access your account means to allow them to do your banking for you as an authorised person. This person will then be allowed to make payments on your behalf, but he/she cannot make any changes to your account. Responsibility for your account will continue to lie entirely with you. Useful for when you need some help doing your banking.

Joint account

If you regularly share certain expenses with someone else, such as when you split the rent and groceries with your partner, it is a good idea to have a joint account. When you open a joint account, you will automatically receive two debit cards. If you already have a joint account with ABN AMRO and you would like a new or additional debit card, simply follow the steps under ‘Requesting an additional card for yourself’.

What does an new debit card cost?

If you have lost your debit card or it has been stolen, you will need to pay € 5,- to have it replaced. Read more about the costs of everyday banking.


Cancelling an additional debit card

If you have an additional debit card and you don’t need it anymore, please cancel it with one of our employees. 
• If you want to have it done quickly, we advise you to cancel your card on the chat. 
• If you would like to speak to an employee, please feel free to give us a call.