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Betaalpas activeren

Activating your debit card

Whether you have received a new debit card or replaced the old one, you can activate a debit card in an instant.

Your first debit card

  1. Keep the debit card and activation code on hand.
  2. Call 0800 - 024 07 21, or +31 102 411 721 if you are calling from abroad.
  3. Enter the last 9 digits of your account number.
  4. Enter the 3 digits of your card number.
  5. Enter the 12-digit activation code you can find in your letter.
  6. Your debit card has been activated.

Changing your PIN

It is easy to change your PIN. You can do this at an Geldmaat ATM.

Replacing your old debit card

You can activate your new debit card in one of three ways:

  • By paying with your debit card in a shop. Insert your debit card into the terminal to enter your PIN.
  • By checking your balance at an Geldmaat ATM.
  • By withdrawing money at an Geldmaat ATM.