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Snel en makkelijk contactloos betalen

Contactless payments

Up to a maximum of €100 without your PIN

Contactless payments are the easiest way to pay for small purchases quickly without having to enter your PIN. If your debit card does not support contactless payments, request a new one free of charge.

Use of your PIN

You can make contactless payments without having to enter your PIN up to €100. You can also make contactless payments above that amount, but you will need to enter your PIN for those. Once you have made €100 of contactless payments, enter your PIN again and after that you will be able to carry on making contactless payments up to another €100.

Disabling contactless payments

If you prefer not to make contactless payments, we will send you a new debit card. Just call us on 0900 – 81 70 (usual call charges apply).

Paying with Google Pay

Want to make super-fast payments with your Android mobile phone? You're in luck! With Google Pay you pay contactless, fast and simple. Without using your debit card.

Paying with Apple Pay

Want to pay everywhere contactless, safely and easily without your wallet? You can with Apple Pay. Instead of using your debit card you use your iPhone or Apple Watch. As easy as pie. Apple pie, obviously.