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Help with logging in

We show you step by step how to use a QR code to log in. Don't see a login button or is there some other issue? View your options.


This is how you log in using a QR code


Go to Internet Banking

You can log in in the top right-hand corner of all of our webpages. 


Open the ABN AMRO app

Open the ABN AMRO app on your mobile phone and tap the QR scanner in the top left-hand corner.


Scan the QR code

Aim your mobile phone at the QR code on the screen of your computer or tablet and follow the steps in the app.

Log-in problems? Read on to find out what to do

You can log in using the yellow button in the top right-hand corner of all of our webpages. If you have been reading a webpage, the yellow log-in button may have slipped out of sight. To get it back:

  • Click anywhere on the page.
  • Go up using the arrows or the Page Up button.
  • You can also press Ctrl + Home at the same time.
  • Click the yellow log-in button.

If you still can’t see the button, try the next solution or  log in here .

Your identification code has probably been blocked. This happens automatically if you enter it incorrectly three times. Do the following to fix it:

If you are using the e.dentifier for the first time, proceed as follows:

  1. Click the log-in button, which is in the top right-hand corner of all our webpages. 
  2. Click the e.dentifier image 
    Login edentifier step 1

  3. Enter your account number and card number 
    login edentifier step 2

  4. - Insert your debit card into the e.dentifier 
    - Press 1 for 'Inloggen' [Log in] on your e.dentifier  
    - Enter your card's PIN on the e.dentifier
    - Press OK on the e.dentifier  
    - The response will appear on the e.dentifier 
    login edentifier step 3

  5. Enter the digits from the response on your computer 
    login edentifier step 4

  6. Click 'Log in'
    login edentifier step 5

  7. You are now logged in to Internet Banking
    login edentifier step 6

There are various possible reasons for this. Try the next solution.

  • You can use an e.dentifier belonging to someone else, such as your partner. 
  • You can also order a new e.dentifier. You will receive the e.dentifier in 1 or 2 working days.

We're sorry to hear that. Luckily, you will often be able to troubleshoot this yourself.

Error message Solution

This means that the battery is almost empty. Use a different e.dentifier or  order a new one .

  • Your debit card might not have been inserted in the e.dentifier correctly. Reinsert your card in the e.dentifier, or clean your debit card’s chip (the ‘gold’ square) carefully with a dry cloth.
  • The card slot may be dirty or jammed. Blowing it clean may help. 

If none of this helps, your card is probably broken. Find out how to request a new card straight away.

Pincode geblokkeerd [PIN blocked]

If your e.dentifier displays the warning 'pincode geblokkeerd' [PIN blocked], you have made three failed attempts to enter the correct PIN.

  • If you know the correct PIN, go to a cash machine and check your salary or withdraw money from your account. Your PIN will then be unblocked straight away. 
  • If you've forgotten your PIN, find out what your options are.
Respons is foutief, u hebt een nieuwe code [Response is invalid, you have a new code]

You've probably entered an incorrect response code. Press 'OK' on your e.dentifier and complete all the steps again using the new code.

U heeft nog één poging om de juiste pincode in te toetsen [You have one attempt left to enter the correct PIN]

This warning is displayed when you enter an incorrect PIN twice. You then have one attempt left to enter the correct PIN. If you enter an incorrect PIN on your third attempt, your card will be blocked. If you have forgotten your PIN, find out what your options are.

We're sorry to hear that. Luckily, you will often be able to troubleshoot this yourself.

Error message Solution
The account number and card number entered do not provide access to Internet Banking

Please check the following:

  • Have you entered the correct account number and card number?
  • Have you used the card that belongs to the account number you have entered?
  • If you have received a new debit card you will first need to activate your card. You can then enter your new card number.
  • Have you entered the response code correctly?

 If the message continues to appear after you have carried out these checks, please call us on  0900 - 00 24 (usual call charges apply) . Our staff will help you find out why your card has been blocked.

Messages starting with 'MESSAGE_SEC' or 'MESSAGE_WEB'

If you see one of these messages, there probably is a technical issue with Internet Banking. These messages are usually only displayed when you log in or send an order. 

  • Try logging in again later
  • If you have issued payment orders, you can check your account overview to see whether they have been processed.

Has the problem not been solved?