Replacement Visa Card


Visa Card stolen or damaged?

You can no longer request an ABN AMRO Visa Card. If you already have an ABN AMRO Visa Card or Visa Gold Card, you can request a replacement Visa Card or Visa Gold Card.

After receiving your replacement Visa Card

Once you have received your replacement credit card, sign it on the back using a ballpoint pen. You will also need to activate the credit card before you can use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

The expiration date is stated on the front of your ABN AMRO credit card. It is written below the words 'Valid thru'. You will see two numbers, for example "10/18". This means that your ABN AMRO credit card is valid until 31 October 2018.
The CVV code is a code that helps you use your credit card securely. It is short for Card Verification Value (or Card Verification Code). The 3-digit code is written on the back of your ABN AMRO credit card, next to the strip bearing your signature. The CVV code minimises the risk of fraud for online transactions.

Visa Secure works as follows:

  • You buy something online.
  • You enter your personal details.
  • You confirm the payment.
  • The online shop asks you for your Visa Secure password. The password acts as an additional security measure when you make online payments. This reduces the risk of fraudulent use of your ABN AMRO credit card.