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Visa Secure (3D Secure)

Make secure payments online with your credit card

Pay securely, anywhere, any time with a credit card. Whether you are paying online, in a shop or abroad, with Visa Secure (also known as 3D Secure), your online payments are extra secure.


Your online purchase is made in no time with the following details:

  1. credit card number (the 16-digit number on the front of the credit card);
  2. expiration date (the date written on the front of your credit card);
  3. the 3-digit code written on the back of your credit card (CVC code for Mastercard, CVV code for Visa);
  4. additional verification with Visa Secure (3D Secure) or your password.

How it works

When entering your credit card number to make an online payment, you will automatically be asked to approve the payment. This is an additional measure to determine whether you are the person trying to pay with your credit card.

  1. You can use the ICS app for ABN AMRO credit cards. Use your access code or biometric access (fingerprint or facial detection).
  2. With your Visa Secure password (3D Secure).

Creating or forgetting your 3D Secure password

You can create your 3D Secure password when paying online. If you have forgotten your password, you can modify it when paying online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not all online shops have subscribed to Visa Secure. You can simply pay on these websites using your credit card.
If you can use Visa Secure to pay online, you'll see the Visa Secure logo at the top of your screen after you have entered your credit card number.
You can modify your password when making an online payment.
  1. Right-click the payment screen displaying the Visa Card logos.
  2. Select 'Properties'.
  3. Check whether the server name '3dsecure.icscards.nl' is displayed next to the address.
  4. Right-click the screen again.
  5. Select 'Certificate'.
  6. Check next to 'Issued by' whether the security certificate was issued by VeriSign for International Card Services B.V.