Withdrawing cash

Banknotes and coins

Need cash? Check the map  (in Dutch) on our website to find the nearest location where you can withdraw banknotes. If you need coins, you still need to visit a bank branch at the moment, but the Geldmaat ATMs will soon offer a simple procedure for withdrawing coins.

Cash withdrawal fees

Check whether a fee is charged for withdrawing cash before making the withdrawal. It is easy to do online. In doing so, you can prevent nasty surprises!

Withdrawing up to €10,000 in cash

You will not be charged any extra for cash withdrawals up to €10,000. Good to know: you can withdraw a maximum of 40 banknotes in one go.

Please note: if you withdraw an amount below €10,000, the biggest banknote you can receive is €50. This means that the maximum you can withdraw in one go is €2,000 (40 banknotes of €50). If you want to withdraw €10,000, you will need to make five withdrawals (in total 200 banknotes of €50).

Withdrawing coins

You can also withdraw coins from a bank branch. In the filter, select ‘Munten’ [Coins]. You will then be able to view all bank branches where you can withdraw coins. You can withdraw a maximum of 20 rolls of coins in one go. Please note: a fee is charged for withdrawing coins. Take a look at the fees.