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The ATM for everyone

Geldmaat is a joint venture between ABN AMRO, ING and Rabobank. Together, we ensure the availability and accessibility of ATMs in the Netherlands. 

Geldmaat machines are spread across the Netherlands, enabling you to safely withdraw and deposit money. There is always an ATM near you. Need help with using a Geldmaat machine? You can receive assistance at a selected number of shops.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. When selecting a location, Geldmaat researches the accessibility and safety of the ATM. More ATMs have been installed in shops such as Bruna, Primera and the Readshop, for example. You can still withdraw or deposit money safely inside. 

Moreover, these stores often have centrally locations, longer opening hours and are open at weekends. The location guide on geldmaat.nl lists all Geldmaat ATMs. The opening hours indicate whether an ATM is located inside.

No, the only bank that can view your details is your own bank. Your details are not shared with other banks. You remain a client of your own bank. 

ABN AMRO remains your point of contact for all your banking matters. You may need to contact us about your current account or in order to block your debit card, for example. All debit cards that are swallowed by Geldmaat machines are destroyed in order to prevent misuse. You can order a new debit card straight away through the ABN AMRO app. You will receive a new debit card within 3 working days.

  • Change your PIN code 
  • View your balance 
  • Withdraw as much money as your balance and card limit allow, up to a maximum amount of €10,000 per day per debit card 
  • You can deposit notes at the Geldmaat cash deposit machines, which are located inside and outside
  • You can deposit coins at Geldmaat coin deposit machines, which are located in De Gamma and De Karwei, among others

If you find money in or next to a cash machine, you should hand it in at the town hall or city hall of the municipality where you found it – even if the machine is in a shop. In the Netherlands, the municipality is responsible for lost property and money. Before you hand over the money, check the municipality's website to find out exactly what you need to do as this varies for each municipality.