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Depositing cash

Want to deposit notes or coins? You can do this at a cash deposit machine. Check the Geldmaat location guide to find the nearest cash deposit machine.


Depositing notes

You can deposit notes at a cash deposit machine using your debit card and PIN code. Money can only be deposited in euros. The input tray can handle 200 banknotes at a time. If you wish to deposit more notes, select 'meer storten' ['deposit more']. The machine counts the money deposited and the amount appears on your account straight away.

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Depositing coins

You can deposit your loose coins at Geldmaat cash deposit machines located in Gamma and Karwei stores. You can only deposit coins into your own account or a charity account. You can only deposit euro coins. The amount will appear on your account straight away.

Fees for cash deposits

A fee is always charged for cash deposits. The cost of depositing cash and coins is charged through your current account later.

Different limits and/or fees apply to the Student account and the Young Person's Growth Account. Within the basic fee, notes can be deposited on the Young Adults' Growth Account three times per calendar year free of charge, up to an amount of €2,000. Please refer to the full summary.

  Amount deposited per calendar year Deposit fees
Depositing notes Basic fee 0.5% over the entire deposited amount per transaction
Depositing notes High fee: > €10,000 €5 + 0.5% over the amount deposited per transaction that exceeds €10,000 per year
Depositing coins > €0 €2.80 per deposit + 0.25% over the entire amount deposited

Please refer to the full summary of fees

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Exchanging foreign currency

You cannot deposit foreign money using a Geldmaat machine in the Netherlands. You can exchange your foreign currency at a currency exchange office. These offices are often located near airports or train stations. There is also an exchange rate for foreign currency, which is set each day. View all fees or calculate the exchange rate directly.

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Provide proof of residency before you can deposit cash

If you open an account we want to make sure that you are who you say you are. Therefor we ask you to provide some documentation. To open an account you must have a Dutch residential address. You can prove this with an extract from the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP). You receive this extract free of charge at your first registration in the municipality where you live. Until you have done this, some features of your checking account, such as depositing cash, will not be available.