Cash withdrawal and deposit fees

If you need to withdraw cash from an ATM in the Netherlands or make a deposit to your account, take a look at our practical overview to find out the costs.

Please note: As of 1 July 2021, we will change the fees and terms and conditions. Read more about this here.


Cash withdrawals in the Netherlands up to € 10.000

At an ATM using your debit card* € 0
At an ATM using your creditcard 4% with a minimum of €4.50 per transaction
* Your debit card limit determines the maximum amount you can withdraw. You are free to change this limit.

Withdrawing coins

You can withdraw coins from a coin dispenser at a branch. These dispensers are managed by G4S.

Withdrawing cash from a coin dispenser payment by bank notes: €0.30 per roll

Cash deposits

Depositing notes The following charge apply:
0,5% of the total deposit amount.*
Depositing coins Deposits up to €50 are free of charge, even if you do not have an ABN AMRO account. Over €50 the following charges apply:
- ABN AMRO account holders: €2.80 + 0.25% of the total deposit amount.
- Non-ABN AMRO account holders: €4.95 + 0.25% of the total deposit amount.
*The first 6 deposits in any calendar year are free of charge for children under 18 with a Youth Account

Payment and withdrawal rates abroad

Take a look at the Foreign currency rates page to find out the charges for payments and withdrawals abroad.