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View credit card payments in Mobile Banking

These are the advantages

Check your balance or payments on your mobile phone or tablet? The Mobile Banking app not only lets you check your incoming and outgoing payments, but also your credit card payments. Anywhere and anytime you want to. That's handy!

  • You always have the full picture

  • See everything you paid for with your credit card

  • Three steps to add your credit card to your account overview

This is how it works

If you would like to see your credit card payments in Mobile Banking, you will have to authorize us to add your credit card to your account overview. You can do this in three quick steps:

  1. Tap on the message that you see when you log in or go to 'Settings > 'Accounts'. 

  2. Tap on 'Add credit cards' and give us your permission. 

  3. Accept the terms and confirm with your e.dentifier.

Zo voegt u uw creditcard toe aan uw rekeningoverzicht

Which credit cards can you view?

You can add ABN AMRO Credit Cards and ABN AMRO Gold Cards to your account overview. If you have one or more credit cards (for example, for your partner), only the primary account holder will be able to add and view the card. He or she will be able to see all payments, including those made with the secondary cards.

Frequently asked questions

  • I'm getting a new credit card. What happens in Mobile Banking?

    Replacing a card (for example, because it has expired) does not have any consequences for Mobile Banking. Because the credit card account and the customer don't change, the information stays linked.

  • I'm getting a new credit card following of loss or theft. What happens in Mobile Banking?

    The new card will be automatically linked to your account.

  • I have several credit cards. Can I add and view all of them in Mobile Banking?

    We always provide transaction details for one credit card account. You will never see the credit card details for several primary cards in one transaction list in Mobile Banking.

  • I'm a business customer and have a credit card. I can't see my details. Can I add them?

    No, business customers cannot view their credit card details in Mobile Banking, not even if they have a private credit card.

  • I have several credit cards. Do I have to authorize you for each one?

    If you authorize us to exchange your credit card details between ICS and ABN AMRO, your authorization will apply to all of the credit cards that you have at that time.

  • The balances are shown in the account overview for each account. Why are the balances not shown for the credit cards?

    There are two reasons for this:

    1. A credit card is not a bank account but a credit product.

    2. A few amounts play a role for your credit card: credit limit, open balance, reserved amount and the limit.

  • How far back can I view transactions?

    You can view transactions over the last three years with a maximum of 200 transactions.

  • What are the differences between Mobile Banking and the ICS app?

    • Mobile Banking app: You can view debit and credit transactions or transfer money from your current, savings and investment accounts. If you added your credit card to your account overview, you will also be able to view your credit card payments.

    • ICS app: You can view your credit card payments. You can also generate e-Codes to complete online purchases.

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