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Setting up Mobile Banking

Before you can start using the Mobile Banking app, you first of all need to create a profile and register the device you would like to use for your banking. You can do this in just a few simple steps. You will need your debit card and e.dentifier for this.


Getting started in just a few steps

You can change your app's settings at any time using the 'Settings' option.

Mobiel Bankieren app


You need to use your identification code to log in to the app. You can also send many orders using just your identification code, You do not need your e.dentifier to do this. Of course, you want to be able to do all your banking as securely as possible. That is why device registration is a mandatory security measure for our app. It allows us to identify you by the device you are using to do your banking as well as by your identification code. You can only use the app if all of these details are correct. It is important to keep your personal identification code safe, just like your PIN. More information about secure mobile banking.

You can reach the Preferred Banking Service Centre on 0800 - 0240 714 (toll free).

Contact your Preferred Banker at any time.