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New features in the Mobile Banking app

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The Mobile Banking menu has been updated! The 'Tools' tab has been replaced with 'Self service', and 'Manage' is now called 'Settings'. The app menu is also new and can be opened by tapping the nine squares in the top left.

Self service

What you can do

You can use the 'Self service' tab to manage everything to do with your accounts, like blocking your debit card. In the future, you will be able to use this tab to manage more and more for your other ABN AMRO products too.
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What you can do

On the 'Settings' tab, you can specify your preferences for the app. For example, you might want to change your daily limit or identification code, reorder your accounts or enable the fingerprint feature.

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App menu (nine squares)

What you can do

Tap the nine squares in the top left to discover our other apps, which you might already use. You can download them straight away. Together with the Mobile Banking app, these apps are all you need to manage your finances. 
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