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All of the functions in Mobile Banking

  Latest version of the Mobile Banking app
Functions Android 10.0 iOS 10.0
Check your balance  yes yes
Payments & Transfers    
Transfer money yes  yes
Transferring money to all accounts without your e.dentifier yes yes
Scan giro collection forms yes yes
Pay with iDEAL  yes  yes 
Pay with iDEAL without e.dentifier yes yes
International transfers (with IBAN) yes yes
Standing orders yes yes 
Schedule payments yes yes 
Cancel payments yes yes 
Reply-payment (reuse payment information) yes yes
Split the Bill with friends/family yes yes 
Change limit yes yes
Save payments and send later yes yes
Sending multiple payments in one go yes  yes 
Direct debit refunds yes yes
Address book
View address book yes yes
Change data yes yes
Add contact yes yes
Suggestions based on your address book when typing a name or account number yes yes 
Debit card
Change debit card number yes yes
Change card number yes yes
Change cash machine debit card limit yes yes
Change payment terminal cash machine limit yes yes
Change payment profile (card payments within or outside Europe) yes yes
Block/unblock debit card and request a replacement card right away yes yes
Personalize and use visual banking
Personalize accounts yes yes
Add pictures to a PIN payment, for example, in a shop. yes yes
Change an account's name yes yes
Change the sequence of accounts yes yes
Choose which accounts are visible yes yes
Add/change user profiles yes yes
Send an email with a picture or a text message with your transfer yes yes
Add a picture to contacts in your address book yes yes
Filter by contra account by clicking on a picture yes yes

Add an investment account yes yes
Placing investments orders yes yes
Viewing your order status yes yes
View investment account, including value and price information yes yes 
Communication & Information
Receive Bankmail yes yes
Receive notifications (personal messages with important news about your account(s) or other products) yes yes
Receive news from the bank yes yes
Calling us directly from the app yes yes
Direct dial to the right department yes no
Tour of/introduction to the app yes yes
Read frequently asked questions yes yes
Give feedback about the app yes yes
Tips on any of the app's features which you do not use (very often) yes yes 
Open a business account yes yes
View loans yes yes
Pay back a loan yes yes
Withdraw money on a loan yes yes
Overview & Search    
Check your debits and credits yes yes
View credit card payments yes yes 
Searching your credit card payments yes yes
Search for the closest cash machine no  yes 
See which transactions are new since your last visit yes yes
View the interest you've earned yes yes
Search your debits and credits yes yes
Overview of scheduled payments yes yes
Overview of future direct debits yes yes
Overview of standing orders yes yes
Overview of rejected transfers yes yes
Overview of transfers in process yes yes
Search by name, amount and image yes yes
Filter by contra account by clicking on a picture yes yes 
View the total balance for Euro accounts you have selected yes yes 
Identify an account type by its logo yes yes 
Setting a saving goal yes yes
Other functions     
Log in and manage your banking affairs using your fingerprint yes yes
Access to full mobile website  yes yes
Copy IBANs yes yes 
ReadSpeaker for payment references yes  yes
Save several profiles yes yes
Activate/deactivate screenshots yes  no 
View General Terms and Conditions yes yes
Send payment later yes yes 
Special layout for Private Banking clients yes yes
Optimized for iPad no  yes
Add foreign currency account yes yes
Change identification code yes yes
Faster access to the app’s features using 3D Touch no yes
View and change your personal detail yes yes
Dutch yes yes
English yes yes

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