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Banking using your fingerprint

Banking using your fingerprint

Your banking made easier in the Mobile Banking app

As of 13 December, with the latest version of the Mobile Banking app, you will be able to log in and do your banking using your fingerprint as well. This includes making transfers and iDEAL payments, placing investment orders and changing settings such as your payment profile or daily limit. This new feature is supported by iPhones and iPads with Touch ID and iOS version 9 or above, as well as most Android devices with fingerprint recognition and Android version 6 or above.

Your fingerprint makes doing your banking in the app even quicker and easier than using your identification code. Nobody can guess your fingerprint. Of course, it is still important that you are careful and sensible when it comes to your device, and that you do everything you can to do your banking securely.

Important information

  • Ensure that no one else's fingerprint is registered on your device if you want to use your fingerprint in the Mobile Banking app. Other people's fingerprints might be registered on your device without you even realising. Please check this in your device's settings.
  • If you are not sure whether someone else's fingerprint has been registered, remove all of the fingerprints and re-register your own. 
  • If you enable your fingerprint for the app, you should not share your device with other people. This way, nobody else can add their fingerprint. Whenever a fingerprint is added or removed, you will receive a notification on your screen that the fingerprint feature in the app has been blocked. You will then need to re-enable it.
Please note that other people may also have registered their fingerprints on the device. If you do not remove them, those people will be able to log in and make transactions in the Mobile Banking app. This includes transferring money from your account, for example.


Configure your device

  • Check whether other people's fingerprints are registered on your device. 
  • Open the Mobile Banking app and go to 'Settings' > 'Log in and transfer'.
  • Tap 'Touch ID' or 'Fingerprint' and enable the feature.
  • Confirm using your e.dentifier.

Using fingerprint

  • Logging in and confirming transactions:
    - Touch ID: place your finger on the home button.
    - Fingerprint: place your finger on the fingerprint scanner. 
  • Tap 'Cancel' if you would prefer to use the identification code.


Authorised persons and minors

  • If you have authorised somebody and/or you have a child under the age of 18 who have an ABN AMRO account and who are allowed to use the identification code, they can also choose to use their fingerprint to do banking
  • If you do not want authorised persons or minors to use fingerprint, you can specify in Internet Banking that use of the identification code must be cancelled. You will need your e.dentifier in order to do so. The authorised person will then only be able to access your account using Internet Banking with the e.dentifier. However, he or she will still be able to use Mobile Banking with the identification code or fingerprint for his/her own banking. Minors can only do their banking using the e.dentifier.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I have to do my banking using my fingerprint from now on?

    No. You can always log in and confirm transactions using your identification code, even if you have enabled fingerprint feature in the Mobile Banking app.

  • How can I disable Touch ID/Fingerprint in the Mobile Banking app?

    You can do this in the Mobile Banking app's settings. Go to 'Settings' > 'Log in and transfer' > 'Touch ID' or 'Fingerprint' and disable this setting. You can then continue to use the Mobile Banking app with your identification code.

  • Which devices do not support the fingerprint feature?

    • iPhone/iPad
      - without Touch ID
      - running iOS 9.0 or lower
    • Android devices
      - without fingerprint scanner
      - running Android 6.0 or lower

    If you are unable to activate the fingerprint feature but your Android device is running the correct version and has a fingerprint scanner, this means that your device is not supported. An example would be the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4. This is caused by technical issues and not the Mobile Banking app.

  • Does ABN AMRO have access to my fingerprint data?

    No. ABN AMRO only uses the functionality of third parties, like Apple for Touch ID and does not store any associated data. Your scanned fingerprints are encrypted and saved on a secure chip on your device. ABN AMRO cannot access the chip. ABN AMRO does not have access to your fingerprint data.