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What can you do with Mobile Banking?

More than 70 useful features

Did you know that our Mobiel Bankieren app has more features than any other Dutch banking app? This is the outcome of an independent study carried out by (in Dutch). Our app has more than 70 useful features. Are you familiar with them all? We have listed some of them below. To find out more about all the app's features, you can view the list of functions by operating system.

Pay from the app

Paying from the app is quick and easy. Have you used the reply payment yet? The reply payment enables you to transfer money to a known account with one tap. Below is a list of handy payment tips. If an amount has been debited from your account without authorisation, you can easily have the direct debit refunded using the Mobile Banking app. Tap the debit transaction followed by Refund. Confirm the order using your identification code or using your fingerprint if you have enabled fingerprint.


Banking using your fingerprint

If you have an iPhone or iPad with Touch ID and iOS version 9 or above, or an Android device with fingerprint recognition and Android version 6 or above, you can log in, confirm transfers, make iDEAL payments, submit investment orders and change your settings, all using your fingerprint.

U kunt via de app inloggen en uw bankzaken regelen met uw vingerafdruk.

Transfer money

With the Mobiel Bankieren app, you can easily make transfers to your own accounts and accounts with an IBAN (in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe). You can send your payments without an e.dentifier provided you are transferring money to a previously used account and you stay within your daily limit. Confirming with your identification code is enough or fingerprint if you have enabled fingerprint. The app allows you to transfer money to previously unused accounts without your e.dentifier. Read more about transferring money with or without the e.dentifier.

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iDEAL: payments made easy

iDEAL makes paying for your purchases using the Mobiel Bankieren app very easy. Select to pay for your online purchase using iDEAL from ABN AMRO. Select to pay with the app and log in using your identification code or fingerprint if you have enabled fingerprint. The payment will be ready for you straight away. If the payment amount does not exceed your daily limit and the 'Transfer without e.dentifier to all accounts' option is enabled, you can send the payment straight away using your 5-digit identification code or fingerprint if you have enabled fingerprint. Otherwise, you will need to use your e.dentifier. When the payment is complete, you will be returned to the online shop.


Placing and viewing your investment orders

You can now place order options yourself in the app without using an e.dentifier,  simply by entering your 5-digit identification code or fingerprint if you have enabled fingerprint, and then track or manage them. The same goes for orders that you have placed not using the app. Wherever you are, you can always immediately make trades and with our new search feature you can gain a better insight into your portfolio.

U kunt via de app beleggingsorders plaatsen en volgen

Blocking/unblocking and replacing a debit card

If your card is broken, you have lost it or it has been stolen, you can block it yourself in the app and request a replacement right away. If you have lost debit card and then found it again, you can easily unblock it in the app.

U kunt via de app uw betaalpas blokkeren en direct een nieuwe pas aanvragen.

Send payments later from the Task list

You'll need an e.dentifier for some payments. If you don't have your e.dentifier at hand, you can choose to send your orders at a later point in time. The 'send later' option displays when you finish entering the payment. Choosing 'send later' queues your order in the Task list. You can send queued orders from the Mobile Banking app or Internet Banking.

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Sending multiple payment orders in one go

As with Internet Banking, you can now use the Mobiel Bankieren app to create multiple payment orders and send them all in one go. All your orders will be added to the task list. You can then select the orders you want to send, change, or delete from the list. Helpful: the total amount for the orders selected is displayed.

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Reply payments make payments easy

A reply payment makes it easy to transfer money to an account you've already used. All you have to do is press a button. Search for the payment in your transaction list, tap the payment to display the details and tap 'Transfer' at the bottom of the screen. The account number and the account holder's name are filled in automatically.

Reply betaling

Split the Bill

If you paid for dinner with friends or are collecting money for a gift, Split the Bill makes it easy to send payment requests by email and reminders to friends who haven't paid up.

Rekening delen

Scanning giro collection forms

If you need to pay a giro collection form (acceptgiro), you can scan it quickly and easily using your smartphone's or tablet's camera. The amount, account number and reference are automatically entered on the payment screen. If the recipient is already in your address book, the recipient name will also be entered. So no need to copy anything.


Scheduled payments

You can add and change standing orders in the app. You determine how often the order is carried out (monthly/quarterly/yearly). You can also change existing standing orders in your scheduled payment list.

Periodieke overboeking

Sent a text message or an email with a picture

Personalize your payment. Send an email or a text message with a picture to the beneficiary to let them know the payment has been made. When you transfer money, an overview screen displays, so you can check the information you entered. In this screen, you can check a box to personalize your payment with a text message or an email. If you select email, you can add one of your own pictures or one of our Eurogami designs.

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Changing your debit limit

You can change the debit card limit for cash machines and payment terminals much more easily, using the Mobiel Bankieren app. You will therefore no longer be required to visit a bank branch to do this. This means, for example, that just before you make a large purchase or withdraw a significant amount of cash, you will need to increase your debit card limit. If you have enabled transfers without the use of your e.dentifier, you can confirm the change using just your identification code or fingerprint if you have enabled fingerprint.

Changing your payment profile

The payment profile allows you to specify whether you can withdraw money and make card payments within or outside Europe. In the Mobiel Bankieren app, you can both view your card's payment profile and change your payment profile from 'Europe' to 'World', and vice versa. If you have enabled transfers without the use of your e.dentifier, you can confirm the change using just your identification code or fingerprint if you have enabled fingerprint.

Contact ABN AMRO

Personal and secure contact with the bank through Bankmail? Or do you need cash and want to know where the nearest cash point is? You can do it all in the Mobile Banking app.


Search for a cashpoint

In need of cash? The app will help you find a cash point. The map will show you where the nearest cash point is - whether it's an ABN AMRO cash machine or that of another bank.

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Contacting us easily and quickly using the app

Do you want to speak to a banking adviser immediately? You can, even if you are logged into the app when you call us. You can then also see the estimated waiting time before you call us and decide whether to wait or call back later, which is useful if you are calling from abroad for example. Because you are logged in with your identification code, the banking adviser knows who you are and why you are calling.

U kunt via de app uw persoonlijke gegevens bekijken.

Receive Bankmail

You will receive personal messages from ABN AMRO in Bankmail. You will receive Bankmail when an electronic invoice is ready for download in Internet Banking.


Changing your personal details

If you have moved house or have a new telephone number or email address, you can easily update your details in the app. We will then be able to contact you if necessary, to let you know about relevant changes for instance.

U kunt via de app uw persoonlijke gegevens bekijken.

The overviews in the app

Looking for incoming and outgoing payments to/from your current account or credit card? Or investments or scheduled payments? With the Mobile Banking app, you always now where you stand.


Check your balance and transactions

When you add an account to Mobile Banking, its balance will display every time you log in. Select an account to see the transactions over the last 18 months.

Saldo bij- en afschrijvingen

View your credit card in the app

The Mobile Banking app not only lets you quickly and easily check the payments to and from your accounts, but also the payments to and from your credit card! This means you know exactly how much you are spending and receiving. The useful search feature helps you find the credit card payments you are looking for even faster and makes it easier for you to keep track.

Zo voegt u uw creditcard toe aan uw rekeningoverzicht

Search your transactions

There are a number of ways to search your transactions: by amount, beneficiary or payment reference. Or even by picture and logo. Tapping a picture or logo displays the list of transactions associated with it. This function is not available for transactions at cash points and payment terminals.

Zoeken bij- en afschrijvingen

View your investments

You can view the value of your investment portfolio in the app. You can also view share price information for the different investment products in your portfolio and you can even call our investment line directly from the investment account overview. Convenient if you need advice or have questions about your order.

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Status of your payments

Would you like to see the different statuses of your payments? Tap the archive icon at the top of the screen. Choose from: executed payments ('Transactions'), payments in progress ('In progress and rejected') or planned payments ('Scheduled and standing'). You know exactly when your rent or mortgage will be debited from your account. It's a great way of staying on top of your finances.


Personal preferences

The app is easy to personalize. You can add pictures to contacts in your address book and give your accounts a name.


Add a name and picture

The first time that you log in, you will only see your account number. You can add a description and a picture. You will then see your profile picture and description when you log in. You can also add pictures to third-party accounts. The pictures are not sent with the payments; they only display in your address book and list of accounts.

Foto en naam

Always up to date thanks to notifications

Useful: from now on, you will receive a personal message on your telephone when there is important news about your account(s) or any other products you have with us. If you have an Android telephone, these notifications are enabled as standard. If you use an iPhone or iPad, we will first ask for your permission to send you notifications. You can easily enable or disable notifications yourself by going to 'Manage > App > Notifications' in the Mobile Banking app.

Notificaties aan- of uitzetten

Setting a savings goal

Having a savings goal keeps you motivated. The app allows you to specify what you are saving for, be it a new car or an exotic holiday, and you can view your progress at a glance. You can reach your savings goal even quicker if you set up a standing order immediately. The standing order is not cancelled automatically after your specified end date, even if you have removed your savings goal.

U kunt via de app een spaardoel instellen

Changes in your address book

Changes you make in your address book in Mobile Banking are reflected in your address book in Internet Banking and vice versa. If you make a payment, you can choose to add the beneficiary's details to your address book. In 'Manage/Manage address book' you can change names and add pictures. It's easy to make Mobile Banking even more personal.

Wijziging adresboek

Add a picture to a PIN payment

Would you like to quickly see the PIN payments you made, for example, in a shop? Add a picture to your PIN payments in your debits and credits. This makes it easier to detect your PIN payments and see what you bought.

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App in Dutch and English

Would you like to do your banking in a different language? The Mobile Banking app is also available in English. The default language is Dutch. Select 'Manage', 'Change language' to change the language.

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Faster access to the app’s features using 3D Touch

If you use an iPhone 6s or 7, 3D Touch gives you faster access to a number of the app's features. If you touch and hold the app icon, you can immediately proceed with making a transfer, look for a cash machine or contact ABN AMRO. Viewing transaction details and Bankmails in the app is now quicker and easier.

Sneller toegang tot functies met 3D Touch

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