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Internet Banking: Frequently Asked Questions

Where there is change, there will be questions

Internet Banking has changed, and we understand that you have questions about the changes. That's why we keep track of the most frequently asked questions and answer them on this page. We hope you find this useful.

Questions from customers

  • How can I search my debits and credits?

    Go to the list of accounts. Click on the account you would like to search in and place the cursor beside the magnifying glass at the top of the list. Enter a search term such as part of a name or an amount. If you enter an amount, a list of ranges will display that you can choose from.

    If you would like to extend the search, click on 'More search options'. You can search for a combination of name, account number, description, amount and period.

    Note: The search is set by default to search for debits (dr). If you are searching for a credit, select 'cr' next to the search box.

  • A page does not display or does not display properly. What can I do?

    If a page does not display in Internet Banking or does not display properly, try refreshing it by pressing Ctrl+F5. On an Apple computer, press the Apple key + R. If this does not solve the problem read about the other things you can do.