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Internet Banking Update

Improvements put forward by you

Our customers share numerous good ideas and comments with us on how to improve Internet Banking. We really appreciate your feedback, as it enables us to keep on improving Internet Banking. 

It you have an ABN AMRO mortgage, you can make most changes yourself on Internet Banking. You can also unblock blocked debit cards on Internet Banking, as well as update your personal details quickly and easily from your mobile phone. Carry on reading to find out about other improvements we have made.

Man en vrouw achter laptop

Your mortgage on Internet Banking

Making additional repayments for your ABN AMRO mortgage is easy on Internet Banking. Your new monthly repayment will be shown straight away. You can also do calculations on Internet Banking to see whether interest averaging could be advantageous in your situation. If so, you can request it immediately.

U kunt via de app uw betaalpas blokkeren en direct een nieuwe pas aanvragen.

Blocking or unblocking your debit card

If you believe your debit card may have been lost or stolen, you can block it immediately on Internet Banking and request a replacement straight away. If you find your debit card at a later date, you can unblock it again online.

Inloggen met de identificatiecode

Internet Banking on your mobile

It's now easier to log in to Internet Banking on your mobile phone and transfer funds, view transactions and check Bankmail. Tip: lots of things can be done without the need for your e.dentifier. Use the identification code to log in or transfer funds to known accounts.


Previous updates

The following improvements to Internet Banking were made previously.


Summary of your mortgage details

Your mortgage details are now readily accessible in Internet Banking. If, for example, you want to check when your fixed-rate period ends or how much you have repaid, simply log in and click on the account number associated with your mortgage in the overview. This will take you to a summary showing all relevant information.

Overzicht van uw hypotheekgegevens.

Easy international transfers

Transferring funds abroad used to be fairly complicated for many customers, so we have simplified this process. You now no longer need to make a separate world transfer in order to transfer funds abroad. All you need to do is choose the appropriate currency and country on the transfer screen.

Geld overmaken naar het buitenland

Improved address book

All of your national and international contacts are now stored in a single address book, giving you easy access to all of your contacts. You can now also change and delete your international contacts, as well as adding new ones.


View accrued interest

Many customers use Internet Banking to keep track of their financial situation. There, you can check your financial status straight away. To make things even clearer, you can now see the interest accrued on your savings account as time progresses, letting you keep track of the return on your savings too.

Opgebouwde rente

Make a fast transfer

You frequently tell us that transfers involve too many steps. So, we have done something about it. If your task list is empty and you have created a new transfer, you can click on 'send now' to submit your transfer using your identification code or e.dentifier. The cutting and pasting of an IBAN number to a transfer has also been improved, resulting in a fast and efficient process!


Advanced search in credit and debit overview

The search function in Internet Banking is a lot better. You can now search by name, account number, description and amount. As well as in combinations:

  • Name and amount and period

  • Description and amount and period

  • Account number and amount and period


Print your transaction details

We took away the print button, but you told us that you wanted it back. We took that wish to heart and put the button back in the new version of Internet Banking. You can now print your transaction details again.


'In progress and rejected' overview

The 'In progress and rejected' overview displays all the payments that are pending as well as payments and direct debits that have been rejected. This function is brand new. It helps you keep on top of all of your payments.

Tip: Check this overview regularly. If you cannot find a payment or direct debit among your debit and credit transactions, the payment might be pending or have been rejected.

In behandeling

'Scheduled and standing orders' overview

The 'Scheduled and standing orders' overview displays a list of all of your scheduled payments in the sequence in which they are paid. Think of things such as:

  • Scheduled payments

  • Standing orders

  • Announced direct debits

Tip: Check this overview regularly. This enables you to make sure that you have enough money in your account to cover your scheduled payments.