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Transferring with your identification code

Sneller inloggen en uw saldo bekijken met uw persoonlijke identificatiecode

Banking is made easier with your identification code

  • Log in and check your balance quickly and easily
  • View your transactions securely
  • Transfer money to a known account

More things made easy with your identification code

There is a lot you can do without having to use your e.dentifier – probably more than you think. For example, you can log in, check your balance and make transfers to known accounts. You can also transfer money to your ABN AMRO savings account, view your personal details and check your debit card's daily limit. Whenever you call us, you will be asked to enter your identification code. This way, our staff will know who you are and be able to help you straight away.

A single code for Mobile Banking

You can use one single code to access both Mobile Banking and Internet Banking. You can also manage your banking affairs in the Mobile Banking app using your fingerprint if you have enabled the fingerprint feature. You can use your fingerprint for the tasks that you would normally use the identification code for, e.g. logging in, sending transfers, making iDEAL payments, submitting investment orders and changing your settings.

Transferring with your identification code

Limits on transfers when using your identification code

You can use your identification code to transfer a maximum of € 5,000 per day, which is your daily limit.
  • You can easily lower your daily limit on Internet Banking or in the Mobile Banking app. 
  • If you would you like to transfer money to an unknown account using Internet Banking, you should use your e.dentifier. 
  • In the app, you can select whether you want to confirm transfers to unknown accounts using your e.dentifier or just your identification code.
  • If you would rather use your e.dentifier all the time to transfer money to other people, you should set your daily limit to € 0.

You have forgotten your code

If you have forgotten your identification code, create a new one immediately using Internet Banking. Your old code will then no longer work. You will be able to use your code straight away, even for the Mobile Banking app!

Creating a new code

You can create your 5-digit code in a couple of steps. To do this, you will need to use your e.dentifier once only. Go to Choose identification code.