Here’s how to configure your Wallet

Once you have downloaded the Wallet, you are only a few steps away from contactless payments using your phone. Create a mobile debit card in the app and set your Wallet code. You will need your e.dentifier for this, but only once.

  1. Create a mobile debit card

    Creating a mobile debit card involves linking your plastic debit card to your phone. Make sure NFC is enabled on your phone and hold the card against the back of your phone. It may take a second for the app to read your card. The chip must be positioned exactly over the NFC antenna.   

    If the app cannot read your card, you can create the mobile debit card manually. Simply enter your account number and card number. Always confirm the linking of the plastic debit card to your phone using your e.dentifier.

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  2. Select your account

    An overview of your accounts will be displayed. Select the account you want to use for Wallet payments. Your mobile debit card has its own card limit, just like your plastic debit card.

  3. Set your Wallet code

    Like your plastic debit card, the Wallet has a 4-digit code to confirm payments, which you set yourself. The app will prompt you to enter the Wallet code yourself. Tip: for security reasons, do not use the same digits as those in the PIN for your plastic debit card.

  4. Set a limit

    When making payments of over €25, you will always be asked to confirm the payment using your code. It is up to you to decide whether or not to also confirm payments of under €25 with your code. You can change this at any time.

  5. Confirm using your e.dentifier

    You have now set all your personal preferences. All that’s left to do is accept the terms & conditions. If everything is OK, confirm using your e.dentifier. You are now all set to start using the Wallet. If you are not yet 18 years old, please ask your parents for permission. .


Adding an additional debit card

Want to add more ABN AMRO debit cards to your Wallet? On the card screen, swipe right and click ‘add card.’ Next, follow the same steps as when you created your first mobile debit card. You will need your e.dentifier again.