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Budget planning

Your salary doesn’t usually arrive on the first of the month. Grip has the solution. You decide when you want your budget plan to start. Go to ‘Profile’ and choose a date.

Enable push notifications

If you’re expecting a payment, but you don’t want to check your account the whole time, just enable push notifications and you’ll be notified as soon as the amount has been transferred.

Getting a Grip on your money in 3, 2, 1

Categorise your payments

Grip automatically organises virtually all your incomings and outgoings into categories. If Grip doesn’t recognise a payment, it allows you to assign it to a particular category yourself.

Set a budget

If you want to limit your spending in a specific category, you can set yourself a budget, for instance for your monthly clothes purchases.

Tag your spending

You can create tags to label your spending. ‘Vacation’ would be a tag, just to name one. Grip will group all your spending with the same tag into a convenient list.

Use the search function

Perform a search of all your payments to a certain vendor or of all outgoings above a specific amount. With the search function, you can see exactly what you’ve spent. It’s quick and easy to use.

Add accounts with different banks

If you have an account with ASN Bank, bunq, ING, Rabobank, RegioBank or SNS, you can add it to Grip. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have an ABN AMRO account. 


All your bank accounts in a single overview

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 Use the Grip app to gain control of your finances

Use the Grip app to gain control of your finances