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Frequently asked questions about the ABN AMRO app

If only the last digit changed, you can change the card number in the ABN AMRO app. Log in and tap 'Profile' > 'Access and usage' and then 'Set new card number (pas nr.)'. If the last 2 digits of your card number changed, delete your current registration and register again with your new debit card. You will need your e.dentifier.

Tap 'Profile' and then 'Accounts and payments' and 'Account overview'. If you cannot see a specific account in your overview, you may not be authorized to use it. You can apply for authorization in Internet Banking.

Unfortunately, the ABN AMRO app does not work on Huawei devices launched in 2020 or later. Google has blocked access to its Play Store for these devices, which means you can’t download, install or use the ABN AMRO app. Neither can you do so through Huawei’s AppGallery app store. Please bear this in mind when buying a new device.

  • Tap 'Profile'.
  • Tap 'Access and usage'.
  • Tap 'Change language'.
  • Tap English or Dutch.
  • The app needs to access your Device ID in order to register your device. This is one of the app's security measures. We will not only identify you by your identification code, but also by the device you use for your banking. You can only use the app if all of these details are correct. 

    If you have removed a device from the 'Device registration' list, you will need to re-register it if you want to use the app on that device again. More information about device registration.

  • The app requires access to your telephone so that you can call us directly from the 'Contact' page.

  • Access to your photos and media files is required to personalise your app with images, such as photos for your accounts or address book.

  • Access to the camera is required in order to use the acceptgiro scanner and for personalisation.

  • In the ABN AMRO app, go to 'Profile' > 'Accounts and payments' > 'Account overview'. 
  • Tap the slide 'Total balance' to display or hide the total balance.
If you personalized your accounts by adding a photo or a name, an update will not overwrite them. You will not have to reset your personal preferences.
You decide in each application which accounts you want to see and which you don't. You also determine the sequence in which you want to see them. These settings may be different in each of the apps.