Closing your account

Quick and easy online

You can close your current or savings account online in just two minutes. We process most account closure requests immediately.

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Useful to know before closing your account

  • You can have a positive, but not a negative balance on your account. If you have a joint account, you can only close this account once the balance is €0.
  • Any debit card associated with the account you wish to close will be cancelled automatically.
  • Download your account statements and/or annual financial statement before closing the account, as you will not be free of charge once you have closed your account. Your current account can still be viewed in Internet Banking for a period of 15 months after it has been closed.
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Your ABN AMRO mortgage or insurance product

If you have an ABN AMRO mortgage or insurance product, or if you pay people or companies by direct debit, please provide us with the account number so that the amount can be debited from the correct account.

Closing your last account

If you are closing your last current account, but you still have a savings account, you will no longer have access to online banking. In this case you can transfer money from your savings account only at one of our bank branches.

Closing your account by telephone or at a bank branch

If you do not have Internet Banking access, please visit one of our branches to close your account.

If you have a Spaar Deposito savings deposit with a positive balance or a Royaal Rekening account, you can only close them at a bank branch. You can close a Beleggers Spaarrekening savings account by telephone or by visiting one of our branches.