U bent succesvol uitgelogd.


Reporting a death

A loved one dying is a painful time in your life. It’s also a time when you need to make a lot of arrangements, even though that’s the last thing you want to be thinking about. If the deceased was a customer with ABN AMRO, there are a few things you’ll need to know and do. But don’t worry — we’ll be there to help you. You can inform us of the death online.

  1. Inform us of the death

    You can inform us of a death online. If you are an ABN AMRO client, please be sure to log in with your own account when doing so. If you have a Dutch death certificate, please let us know the certificate number on the form. If you do not have the certificate to hand, you can still fill in the form. We will ask you to send us a copy of the death certificate later.

  2. We will send you several emails

    You will receive confirmation by email within a few minutes of reporting the death. You will then receive your reference number within 2 working days. Whenever you contact us about the death you reported, please try to have your reference number ready to hand. 

    After several working days, we will let you know by email or post which documents we need from you to be able to settle the estate. Documents we may need include a certificate of inheritance or a certificate of executorship.

  3. We will change a few banking services

    • If the deceased only had accounts in his or her own name, we will block the accounts, debit cards, all credit cards of which the deceased was the main cardholder, Internet Banking access and standing orders. It will still be possible to make deposits to the blocked account. Do you still want direct debits from companies to be debited? Please, let us know that you want to continue these direct debits.
    • If the deceased had authorised someone for his or her account, this authorisation will expire. 
    • If the deceased had joint accounts and debit cards, these will remain available. Other parties authorised for the joint account will continue to have access, as we will only block the debit cards and/or credit cards that are in the deceased’s name. Any additional credit cards will, however, expire in the event of the main cardholder’s death.
    Authorised parties
    If the account is registered solely in the name of the deceased, the authorised party will no longer be able to use the account. As soon as it is clear who the executor is, this person will be able to use the account. Until that time, the account will be registered in the name of ‘Estate of ....’ and no transfers can be made.

    Joint accounts
    If you have (or another person has) a joint account together with the deceased, you (or the other person) can continue to use the joint account and the associated debit card(s). We will only block the debit cards and credit cards that are in the deceased’s name or the additional credit cards of which the deceased is the main cardholder. Any authorisations will remain active.

    Urgent payments on behalf of the deceased  
    If you urgently need to make a payment on behalf of the deceased, e.g. for the rent, mortgage, gas, water and electricity bills, or for the funeral, we will often be able to take care of this for you.

    Arranging other banking matters  
    If any other banking matters need to be arranged, we would be happy to help you.
  4. Send us the requested documents (if necessary)

    If we need any documents from you, we will tell you in the email we send you. Please send these documents in a single or envelope. This will help us keep all documents together.

  5. All documents received

    Once we have received all of the required documents, we will process the estate within 15 working days.

    1. We will unblock the accounts once we have received all documents from you and once we know who the executor is or who the authorised heirs are. We will then register the account in the name of ‘Heirs of ....’ and unblock the account. 
    2. We will also confirm this by email or post. 
    3. The heir, legal guardian or executor (person who takes care of the inheritance) will be given access to the deceased’s banking products and will decide what to do with the account. This person could close the account, for instance, or request a debit card.

Do you have any questions?

If you would like to speak to a person or you have questions, please call our special service desk, the Nabestaandendesk on +31 (0)20 343 45 45  (Monday to Friday from 9am - 5pm, closed on Saturday and Sunday) .