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Direct debits

All your bills paid on time

Here's how it works

A direct debit is an automatic authorisation for a company to debit your current account, for your insurance or monthly energy bill, for example. You can give either a one-off or recurrent mandate, which you will receive from the company. You can also issue a mandate online if the company has enabled this.

Direct debits are not the same as standing orders. You need to set up standing orders yourself, but direct debits are set up by the creditor.

What do you want to do?


View or check a direct debit

To find out when a direct debit payment will be debited from your account or why one has been rejected, check your direct debit payments on Internet Banking.

Initiate a refund or reversal for a direct debit

If you think an incorrect direct debit has been made from your account, or a direct debit is scheduled to be made shortly, you can easily block it or initiate a refund (reversal) online. Please note that scheduled direct debits can only be viewed 24 hours in advance on Internet Banking.

Block or cancel a direct debit

If you want to cancel a direct debit, click below to download the red card you need in order to revoke your mandate. Simply fill in and sign the card and send it to the company that receives your direct debit payments.

If you want to block a direct debit, you can easily do so on Internet Banking.

Time limit for direct debit refunds

You can initiate a direct debit refund within 56 days of the payment being debited from your account. For example, if your account is debited on 5 March 2019, you can have the direct debit payment refunded to your account until 30 April 2019.

Options for recurrent and one-off direct debits

Direct debit actions Recurring One-off
reject yes yes
refund yes yes
change yes no
cancel yes no
block yes yes
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Useful: instant notification of debits

Our free pushnotifications let you know instantly when your account is debited. All you need to do is set up pushnotifications in the ABN AMRO app. You will then get a message on your mobile phone right away.
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