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Mortgage advice - Example calculation

The costs of a mortgage with advice

Barry and Penny are buying their first home. They go down the route of asking for personal mortgage advice. During the consultancy session, the Bankspaar Hypotheek mortgage emerges as the best solution for them. And the consultant also advises them to take out two term life insurance policies. This insurance would then pay out to Penny in the event of Barry's death, and vice versa. Barry and Penny ask the consultant to take out both the mortgage and the two term life insurance policies for them. They will pay the following fees.

Consultancy fee for the consultancy session and advice report € 900
Handling fee for the Bankspaar Hypotheek mortgage € 600
Handling fee for two term life insurance policies. (2 x € € 175) € 350
Total amount due                                                                € 1,850

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