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Housing market - developments and expectations

The housing market is constantly changing. What will be the direction of house prices and how will interest rates behave? Read the latest insights on the housing market in our own housing market monitor.


Latest housing market news

16 April 2024

Confidence in the housing market improved in the first quarter of 2024. Dropping mortgage rates and rising incomes had a positive impact on the maximum mortgage for consumers wanting to buy a house now.

Decreasing interest for short fixed-rate periods in 2024

“We expect the interest on mortgages with a short fixed-rate period to decrease this year, given the pressure on economic activity and the considerable drop in inflation. This will create room for the European Central Bank (ECB) to lower its interest rates,” according to Philip Bokeloh, economist at ABN AMRO.


All about mortgage interest

If you’re looking for a mortgage with a competitive interest rate, be sure to have a look at our interest offering. Your mortgage interest rate depends on which mortgage product you choose, whether you opt for a fixed or variable interest rate and which fixed-rate period you choose.