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Additional repayments on your loan

Here’s how to do it

Want to make additional repayments on your loan? Repaying your loan faster will save you money. While it will not change the monthly payment, it will shorten the loan term. Read on to find out how to make additional repayments.

How to make additional repayments

On Internet Banking

  1. Log in to Internet Banking and click the ‘Self service’ tab
  2. Click your loan at the bottom of the pag 
  3. Select ‘Extra or full repayment’. Next, you can transfer the amount using iDEAL.  

By transfer

If you don’t have Internet Banking access:  

  1. Transfer the amount of your additional repayment to: NL18ABNA0839581602 in the name of ABN AMRO Kredieten B.V.  
  2. Please state your contract number.  
  3. The additional repayment will be processed within 3 working days.  

Frequently asked questions about additional repayments

Additional repayments made on Internet Banking or in the ABN AMRO app will be debited from your current account immediately. On the next working day, you will see on your loan overview page that your outstanding debt has gone down.  If you are making an additional repayment by transfer, it will take 3 working days for the repayment to be processed. 

As soon as your repayment has been processed, you will only pay interest on the new, smaller debt. This means your repayments will end sooner. 

Your monthly payment consists of interest and principal repayment. Making an additional repayment will not change the amount of your monthly payment. The principal repayment part will go up slightly and, because the additional repayment has brought down your outstanding debt, the interest part will go down slightly. Thanks to your additional repayment, you will pay off your loan sooner and ultimately pay less in interest over the full loan term.