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Frequently Asked Questions about loans

You can apply for a loan if you:
  • Are between the ages of 21 and 69
  • Have sufficient monthly income 
  • Live in the Netherlands  
If you have a temporary residence permit and you can afford to take out a loan, the maximum term of your loan will correspond to the term of your residence permit.
In the Netherlands, consumers are protected from taking out loans they can’t afford to repay: loans and overdue repayments are listed in the National Credit Register (Bureau Krediet Registratie). You must be able to afford repayments on your loans. When you apply for a loan, we’ll perform a credit check. This is standard procedure.
Positive listing
If you take out a loan, you’re assigned a positive credit listing. If you make your repayments as required, this listing won’t have any consequences for your credit rating. If you apply for a new loan, we can see from the National Credit Register whether or not you can afford to borrow money.
Yes, in that case you can also take out a personal loan with us online. We will look at your annual figures and your income tax returns for the past 2 years.
You can apply for a loan with us even if you don’t bank with ABN AMRO. We will pay you a visit to verify your proof of identity.

Yes, our staff at the Loans Desk would be happy to help you. You can talk to a loan officer where, when and how you want, by phone, through Video Banking, or in person at the branch. Make an appointment.       

Good to know: when you request a quote, we always call you so that we can walk you through the terms and conditions. And if you have any questions, we answer them right then and there.

FAQ's about repaying and changing your loan

You can reduce your borrowings by making an additional repayment on your loan. This will mean your debt is lower and you’ll be done repaying it sooner. No extra charge is made for additional repayments.   

Read more about additional repayments

Cancelling your loan won’t cost you anything extra and you can do it at any time. You do need to make sure you’ve fully repaid it first though. Simply go to Internet Banking to cancel it.    

  1. Go to ‘Self service’.  
  2. Select ‘Additional or full repayment’. 
  3. Select ‘Full repayment’.  
  4. Repay the outstanding amount using iDEAL.
Once you’ve fully repaid your debt, we can cancel your loan. We’ll then also cancel the registration of your loan with the Dutch Credit Registration Office (BKR). BKR will retain your details for five years after that. Over this five-year period, other banks or official bodies will be able to see in your credit history that you had this loan.   
If you don’t have an outstanding balance and your loan hasn’t yet been terminated, please call us on 0800 - 024 07 11 (free of charge).  

If you want your loan repayments to come out of a different account, just let us know. 

Change your loan’s direct debit

Need proof that you’ve repaid your loan? Your loan settlement statements are available on Internet Banking.    

  1. Log in to Internet Banking.  
  2. Click ‘Self service’ (at the top of your screen).  
  3. Click your loan at the bottom. If you can’t see your loan, click ‘Show more products’.  
  4. Click ‘Calculate early repayment amount’. 
  5. Download your loan settlement statement as a pdf. 
 No Internet Banking access? If you don’t have Internet Banking access, you can open a bank account. This will automatically give you access to Internet Banking.

FAQ's about the calculation of a loan

When you borrow money, you repay a fixed amount each month. These instalments include a portion of the principal (the amount of the actual loan) and interest, together called repayments. The amount of your repayments depends on the amount you borrow and the term of your loan. How much interest you pay each month depends on your personal situation, for example your income, your family situation and whether you own your home or rent it. If you would like to know exactly how much a loan will cost you each month, you can calculate your loan here.

Your maximum loan is calculated by looking closely at your income and your expenses, for example, your:    

  • income   
  • family situation. For example, do you have children?   
  • housing expenses. What is your monthly rent or mortgage payment?    
  • other financial obligations. Do you pay maintenance? Do you have any other loans? 
Based on such information and other factors, we estimate your credit limit.  
Your monthly repayments include a portion of the principal (the amount of the actual loan) and interest. Calculate how much you can borrow and see what your monthly repayments will be right away.

FAQ's about loan application

  1. Calculate your loan 
    Find out in just two minutes how much you can borrow and what your monthly repayments will be.        
  2. Request a no-obligations quote 
    We will send you a quote with no strings attached (you have 30 days to consider our offer). We will call you to walk you through the terms and conditions.    
  3. Sign the quote 
    If you are already an ABN AMRO customer, we will send you a Bankmail message with a link to the platform where you can sign the quote digitally.  If you are not an ABN AMRO customer, we will send you an email with the quote. Simply sign the quote and make a digital (PDF) copy of it.        
  4. Send us the required documents online 
    If you are an ABN AMRO customer, you will see in the secure environment which documents you need to send, how to do this and the conditions these documents must meet. You will receive a Bankmail message with instructions.  If you are not an ABN AMRO customer, the email we send you will explain exactly which documents you need to provide. Make a digital copy (PDF) of these documents and email them to us.       
  5. Payment 
    Once we have received your documents and checked that they are correct and complete, we will assess your application. If we approve your loan, we will deposit the money into your account within one working day.         

FAQ's about interest

The amount of interest on your loan will depend on (among other things):    

  • the amount you borrow    
  • your personal situation, like your income and expenses, for example, and your family and living situation.   To find out how much interest you will pay on your loan you can calculate your maximum loan here. Or you can see the interest rates  for our loans here.  
The interest rate for your loan depends on how much you borrow and your personal situation, like what you earn and whether you own your home or rent it. Take a look at the latest interest rates.

Why you should choose ABN AMRO for your loan

Self service

From the loan application to changing your loan. With us, you can do it all yourself. Online, on Internet Banking or in the ABN AMRO app.

One place for all your banking

If you already bank with us, you will have all your banking under one roof when you take out a loan with us. That’s clear and convenient.

Personal contact

If you have any questions about borrowing money, call our people at the Loans Desk. They will be happy to help you, in English, of course.