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Documents when applying for a loan

What you need to provide

If you want to apply for a loan or change an existing loan, you are going to need to show us certain documents. Which documents exactly depends on your personal situation and what you want to change.


  • If you already have a loan offer from us, please bring the signed offer, along with the documents listed below.

Personal data

Proof of ID

  • A valid passport, valid ID card or residence permit (a driving licence is not accepted as proof of ID). If you are not a Dutch national, please bring your passport or residence permit.

Marital status details

  • You are married: marriage certificate (or ‘trouwboekje’ if you got married in the Netherlands) and/or prenuptial agreement
  • You are living together: cohabitation contract
  • You are in a registered partnership: what kind?
  • You are divorced: divorce covenant, civil register extract and divorce order

Your income details

Paid employment

  • Your most recent payslip (not older than 3 months)
    If you have any allowances or overtime, please bring payslips for the past 6 months.
  • An employer’s statement (not older than 3 months)

Entrepreneur or company director and major shareholder:

  • Proof of Chamber of Commerce registration
  • Any final annual reports for the past 2 years, prepared by an accountant.

Temporary employee or employee on a fixed-term contract

  • Your most recent payslip
  • If you’re on a flexible contract (variable hours): payslips for past 6 months.

State pension, (pre-)pension, early retirement or benefits

  • Statement from the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) granting you unemployment benefits (WW), benefits under the Work and Income based on Capacity for Work Act (WIA) or other benefits
  • Details of your income from a state pension, early retirement, (pre-)pension. You can find these details on your Uniform Pension Statement (UPO) and online on ‘mijn pensioenoverzicht’. Your pension provider will send you a Uniform Pension Statement every year.

Details of your financial commitments


  • The most recent statement of your personal loan or line of credit
  • The most recent loan statement showing your credit limit
If you recently repaid a loan, please also bring the following documents: 
  • Repayment confirmation The most recent loan statement showing your credit limit.
If you have a private lease, please also bring the following documents:
  • The lease

Life insurance or disability insurance

  • Your life insurance policy or policies
  • Your disability insurance policy or policies


  • Divorce covenant
  • The order
  • Parenting plan

Why you should choose ABN AMRO for your loan

Personal contact

If you’ve got any questions about loans, our staff at the Loans Desk are happy to help by telephone.

English-speaking advisers

Our International Client Desks advisers would be happy to help you, in English, of course.

Excellent terms and conditions

From a competitive interest rate to no fee for additional repayments, we offer excellent terms and conditions.