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Your assets deserve personal attention

We are happy to explain everything at your own pace through Video Banking. Our wealth specialists are at your service.
Discover Asset Management

Customised solutions

Under Portfolio Management, your personal situation, objectives and risk appetite form the basis of your investment plan. Your wealth specialist will give your assets the personal attention they deserve. We work transparently and achieve optimal returns on your behalf.

Discover Asset Management

Your assets deserve attention

You may have already explored different ways to get more out of your assets. You may already have experience of investing, but don't feel the need to follow the stock markets day and night. This is exactly what we do for you. Portfolio Management is already possible from € 50,000.

Start now and the costs of two quarters will be refunded

When you start utilising Portfolio Management during the promotion period, the costs for our services, such as managing your portfolio or monitoring and anticipating stock prices, will be refunded to your account. This applies to the costs for the current quarter and the next.

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Then we also have a promotional offer for you: deposit € 10,000 and receive a gift of € 200. Please contact your wealth specialist or read the terms and conditions for your promotion.

Discover Asset Management

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You can have an obligation-free discussion with a wealth specialist about what is the most appropriate for your personal situation. This does not commit you to anything.

  • You indicate when you want to be called

  • At that time we will make an appointment for a discussion with a wealth specialist

  • A call through Video Banking means that you can conduct the call from the comfort of your home.

Investing entails risks

Investing entails risks. You could lose (some of) the money you invested. If you are going to invest, it is important that you are aware of this. Invest with money you can spare. Keep a buffer for unforeseen circumstances.