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Investment Transfer Service

Transfer your portfolio to ABN AMRO with ease

Do you have an investment portfolio with a different bank and would like to transfer part or all of it to ABN AMRO? Our objective is to make the transfer as easy as possible, which is why the Investment Transfer Service takes care of everything for you.

  • ABN AMRO reimburses the fees up to €1,500
  • One form is all you need
  • For private and business customers

ABN AMRO reimburses the fees

Is your old bank charging a fee to transfer your investment products? We will reimburse the charges up to €1,500 per year. You do not have to cancel anything at your old bank; we'll do it for you.

Advice that matches your investment profile

Interested in investing? We can help you invest sensibly, but need to learn a few things about your investment goals first. What would you like to achieve? When? How much money can you spare? How much do you know about investment products? We will help you determine your investment profile so we can give you targeted advice on your decisions and the composition of your investment portfolio.