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Your investment profile

What type of investor are you?

Would you like to invest with ABN AMRO? Fill out the questionnaire to determine your investment profile. The questionnaire consists of two parts: Part A, which gives you and us insight into your investment goals and financial status. The questionnaire will show how much risk you are able and willing to take with your investments. This is your risk profile. Part B determines your knowledge of and experience with investments.


Determine your investment profile?

To determine your investment profile, call 0900 - 92 15. Or contact your financial adviser.


Change your investment profile?

We recommend that you check from time to time that your investment profile still meets your personal situation. You can change your investment profile if necessary. For example, if your investment goals or your financial situation changes. Or because you have more experience and knowledge with investments. To change your investment profile, simply log in to Internet Banking. If you don't use Internet Banking, call 0900 - 92 15.

Investing without a risk profile

If you are an experienced investor and would like to manage your investments yourself for a very low fee without advice from the bank, sign up for Self-directed Investing (Zelf Beleggen). Self-directed Investing does not require a risk profile. We will not warn you when you invest outside of your risk profile.

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