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Periodiek Beleggen

Periodiek beleggen

Automatically build up capital for later

Periodiek Beleggen

  • Simple way of building up capital

  • Start, stop or change at any time

  • No transaction fees

Simple way to grow your capital

Periodic investing makes investing as easy as baking apple pie. You choose the amount you want to invest, how often you want to invest it and the investment fund you want to invest in. We do everything else. It's a convenient way of investing without having to actively follow the stock markets. And because you invest regularly, you are less sensitive to price fluctuations in the long term.

Automatically invest a fixed amount

With Periodic Investing, you automatically invest a fixed amount in investment funds. You can invest every month, every two months, every quarter, every six months or once a year. You can change, suspend or stop the amount or period of your investment at any time. You can also choose a different investment fund whenever you wish.

There are no transaction fees

The lower your costs, the higher the return you can achieve. You do not pay transaction fees for Periodic Investing, but you do pay annual advice and/or service charges over the investments in your portfolio. The exact nature of these charges depends on the way in which you invest with ABN AMRO.

Investing to build up capital
The below sample calculation is based on a Moderately Defensive investment profile.

Monthly amount Term in years Optimistic Neutral Pessimistic
€ 25 15 years €  8,290 €   6,360 € 4,930
€ 50 15 years € 16,570 €  12,720 € 9,850
€ 100 15 years € 33,140 €  25,430 € 19,710
€ 150 15 years € 49,710  €  38,150 € 29,560
This is just an example from which you may not derive any rights. The value of your investments can fluctuate. Past performance is not an indicator of future results.
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