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Investment Advice Active

ABN AMRO has stopped offering Investment Advice Active.

Een adviseur in de dealingroom

Suitable for investments starting at €100,000

Do you have at least €100,000 in freely investable assets? Do you like the dynamic world of investing? And are you looking for short-term investments? Then Investment Advice Active (Beleggingsadvies Actief) might be just what you're looking for.

Your own financial advisor in the dealing room

With Investment Advice Active, you have regular contact with your financial advisor. Your financial advisor is where the action is, namely in ABN AMRO's dealing room, on the lookout for interesting short-term investment opportunities. He or she will also point out potential risks. You have direct contact with your financial advisor, who is also your sounding board for trade ideas on stocks, options and Turbos. You decide whether you follow your financial advisor's advice.


For short-term investments

You're looking for attractive short-term investment opportunities, so you're not afraid to take risks. Your financial advisor is your sounding board. He or she will give you advice and suggestions for short-term investments ranging from one to six months. You will have contact with your financial advisor at least once a month. Investment Advice Active enables you to respond quickly to market developments.

Info, stock prices and Mijn Dealingroom

In addition to the advice you get from your financial advisor from the dealing room, you also have access to advanced tools. With Mijn Dealingroom (My Dealingroom), you have your own trading platform where you will also find opinions and information. Your portfolio is also submitted to a fundamental and technical online analysis.

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