Balanced wealth. Balanced life.

A short course on wealth accumulation

“Balanced wealth. Balanced life.” is an online course that helps you on your way to wealth accumulation. After five modules you will have sufficient knowledge and confidence to take that first step towards financial balance. Each module consists of a short video and an assignment that you can immediately start working on at a time that suits you.

Module 1: Setting goals

Why is having a goal so important and what are specific examples of goals related to wealth accumulation? Watch the first video.

Module 2: Financial insight

Why insight into your finances gives a sense of control and freedom and how you can achieve this, for example, with the 50-30-20 budget rule. We explain this in the second module.

Module 3: Different types of wealth accumulation

Invest, pay off your mortgage earlier or make your home more sustainable? Different types of wealth accumulation with the associated advantages and disadvantages are explained in detail.

Module 4: Start investing

You want to start investing, but where do you start? What do return and risk have to do with each other and what is the difference between independent and guided investing or having your portfolio managed by experienced specialists? This is discussed in the fourth video.

Module 5: Sustainable investing

We discuss the added value of sustainable investing, both financially and socially, in the last module. After watching the video, you will also know what an ESG score means.