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Safe use of the identification code

You want to be able to do your banking in complete safety, not just on your computer but also when using your smart phone or tablet. You can choose how you want to log in: with your debit card and e.dentifier (card reader) or with a personally selected identification code. If you use the Mobile Banking app, you can now also log in to the app using your fingerprint and manage the same banking affairs that you would normally manage using your identification code. Because paying with your identification code has to be as secure as possible there are some things you cannot do with your identification code that you can do when using your debit card and e.dentifier. If you use the Mobile Banking app, you can also log in to the app using your fingerprint and manage the same banking affairs that you would normally manage using your identification code.


Using your identification code

The same security measures that apply to the PIN number of your debit card apply to the identification code as well, in other words: don't tell anyone what your identification code is, and don't write it down anywhere. Remember to choose an obscure identification code as well. This means not using a code based on your date of birth, postcode, house number or telephone number. And needless to say, make sure no one is looking over your shoulder when you are entering the code!

We would recommend that you do not use 'open' wireless networks, like those in a cafe or shop. You can't be sure that the wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi) is completely secure.

Downloading via official websites

Do you download software to your computer or mobile device, like games or a new video player? Always make sure to use official websites; you are more likely to keep out viruses that way.

Bank safely

  • What measures have been taken to secure the use of the identification code?

    Alle data is transmitted in encrypted form by means of a secure connection.

  • How can I change my identification code (in the case of suspected misuse)?

    • If you know or suspect that someone else knows your identification code you must change it, as stipulated in the terms & conditions. You can do this by using the 'Change identification code' option under 'My profile'. 

    • If you are a Private Banking customer you can contact our service desk. The service desk is available on work days between 8:30 AM and 5 PM on 0800 - 024 07 34 (toll free). Alternatively, contact your own private banker.

  • Hoe kan ik mijn identificatiecode blokkeren of verwijderen?

    Dit regelt u eenvoudig via Internet Bankieren. In Internet Bankieren vindt u onder de servicepagina de mogelijkheid om direct uw toegang tot Mobiel Bankieren en Snel Bankieren te blokkeren of te verwijderen. Heeft u de e.dentifier niet bij de hand dan kunt u dit ook telefonisch met ons regelen. Hiervoor belt u met 0900 - 00 24 en kies voor de menu-optie 'Internet Bankieren'.

    Bent u een zakelijke klant? Neem contact op met uw vaste contactpersoon bij ABN AMRO of neem contact met ons op via 088 - 226 26 26.

    Bent u Private Banking klant? Dan kunt u contact opnemen met onze servicedesk. De servicedesk is op werkdagen van 8.30 tot 17.00 uur te bereiken via 0800 - 024 07 34 (free of charge). Of neem contact op met uw eigen private banker.

  • Why is my identification code blocked?

    Your identification code may be blocked for a number of reasons: 

    • When logging in or sending a payment instruction you entered a wrong identification code 3 times in a row. 

    • You have requested that your profile be blocked or removed using the form in Internet Banking. 

    • You have asked an ABN AMRO employee to block or remove your profile. 

    • ABN AMRO has blocked your identification code for security reasons.

  • How do I unblock the identification code?

    You can unblock the identification code by choosing a new identification code. You will need your e.dentifier to do so. If your identification code has been blocked by ABN AMRO is not possible for you to unblock your identification code yourself.

  • Can an authorised agent access my account via an identification code?

    • This option is always disabled. If you want an authorised agent to be able to access your account(s) by means of an identification code please call 0900 - 81 70 (explanation of the rates). if you have a personal account.

    • For business accounts please see the business contact page to find out where to get answers to your questions.

    Please note: an authorised agent who requested an identification code for your account prior to 4 March is able to access your accounts. Please notify the bank if you want to block this access.

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