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Tip: do your banking online

Did you know that you can now do most of your banking online? You can do it whenever you want – you don't need to leave the house, and it will be sorted straight away. Find your subject and arrange it directly.

You don't need to make an appointment to:

  • use Internet Banking;
  • withdraw or deposit money;
  • withdraw or deposit coins;
  • deposit seal bags.
  • Emergency? We are glad to help. 

Find a Geldmaat ATM below

  • You can withdraw or deposit money at Geldmaat ATMs, often safely inside a store
  • Geldmaat coin machines can be found in many Gamma or Karwei stores

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Geldmaat: the ATM for everyone

Our ABN AMRO ATMs are increasingly making way for Geldmaat ATMs. Apart from the yellow colour and new name, little actually changes. You can withdraw money or check your balance as often as you like. And you keep your own debit card.