Which wearables can you use for contactless payments?

In early 2018, we launched a pilot in which 500 customers used wearables to make payments. A whopping 78% of those customers said the wearable is their favourite way of making payments. If you are an ABN AMRO customer aged 18 or above and you have a debit card and Internet Banking or Mobile Banking, you too can now make payments using a wearable. Read on to find out which wearables we can link to your current account.

Testimonials from pilot participants

Betalen met een LAKS wearable

I've had this ring for a few weeks now and already I wouldn't be able to live without it. It really feels like the future of payments.

Betalen met een LAKS wearable

It's so easy, you can never forget your wallet now. And you've always got your hands free at the till. That took a bit of getting used to at first, I kept thinking I'd forgotten something. But now it feels great!


Simple, secure payments with your wearables

We can link the wearables below to your current account. These wearables meet the Mastercard certification requirements for reliable and secure payments.

Buy your wearable


Garmin smartwatches can easily be customised to suit your personal preferences, your activities or your lifestyle. Garmin Pay, the payment feature, is available with many smartwatches.


This water-proof, zirconia ceramic ring comes in black or white, with a range of colours to choose from for the inside of the ring.


LAKS has a range of ladies’ and men’s watches, ceramic rings, key rings and bracelets with a payment feature.


Swiss watch manufacturer Mondaine has a range of ladies’ and men’s watches with a payment feature, all of which have the brand’s characteristic design based on the Swiss Railways station clock.


Olympic’s new ladies’ and men’s watches with a payment feature are made from stainless steel and leather and are available in a range of colours.


Fitbit helps you keep fit by tracking your activities, exercise, food, weight and sleep. Some Fitbit products have a payment feature (Fitbit Pay).