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Garmin smartwatches can easily be customised to suit your personal preferences, your activities or your lifestyle. Garmin Pay, the payment feature, is available with many smartwatches.


This water-proof, zirconia ceramic ring comes in black or white, with a range of colours to choose from for the inside of the ring.


LAKS Pay is a range of more than 250 wearables with e-payment function. LAKS Pay offers rings watches, key rings, bracelets and watch straps for almost all brands of watches.


Swiss watch manufacturer Mondaine has a range of ladies’ and men’s watches with a payment feature, all of which have the brand’s characteristic design based on the Swiss Railways station clock.


Olympic’s new ladies’ and men’s watches with a payment feature are made from stainless steel and leather and are available in a range of colours.


Fitbit helps you keep fit by tracking your activities, exercise, food, weight and sleep. Some Fitbit products have a payment feature (Fitbit Pay).


Swatch offers six different SwatchPAY! models. Like all other Swatch models, the SwatchPAY! watch is water-resistant and 100% Swiss Made.