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The benefits of a credit card

Essential for travelling and shopping online

A credit card gives you lots of extras and is useful for online shopping and holidays. You automatically get the following benefits with a credit card:

  • delivery guarantee: get your money back if your order is not delivered;
  • your purchases are insured against damage or loss;
  • is convenient and often necessary when renting a car;
  • lets you easily pay for holidays booked online;
  • provides access to money in the event of hospitalisation or a car breakdown;
  • lets you quickly pay tolls;
  • is easy if you need to pay a deposit for a hotel room;
  • is convenient when applying for an ESTA statement for a trip to the United States.

Secure, fast and simple payments

Need to pay a restaurant bill, book a hotel room or just want to shop online? You can do all of this securely, quickly and easily with a credit card, and you can also keep track of all your credit card payments in the ABN AMRO app.

Almost all purchases immediately insured

Almost everything you buy with an ABN AMRO Credit Card is automatically insured. Purchases made with your credit card are insured for 180 days, free of charge, against theft, loss and damage. An ABN AMRO Gold Card offers even better coverage, insuring purchases made both online and in a shop for 365 days.

Making major purchases possible

A credit card allows you to spend just that little bit extra, allowing you to buy that attractive offer! Your payments are debited from your current account once a month, which at times can give you some extra breathing room.

Secure online shopping

While you can make iDEAL payments in almost any Dutch web shops, most foreign web shops ask you to pay by credit card. One benefit of a credit card is that any purchases are immediately insured. And if your order fails to arrive or was damaged on arrival, you can get your money refunded with our delivery guarantee.

Extra secure online shopping? Discover the benefits of the Mastercard ID Check.

Also of interest

ABN AMRO Credit Card

A standard limit of  €2,500 and nearly all purchases insured for 180 days: that's the benefit of an ABN AMRO Credit Card.

ABN AMRO Gold Card

With its high standard limit of €5,000 , the ABN AMRO Gold Card is a sound choice for making larger purchases. Almost all your purchases are insured for 365 days.

Creditcard Online

Manage your credit card online on our Creditcard Online platform. Activate or block your card and easily request your PIN.