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Viewing a house

Going on a viewing well prepared on Open House Day

What do you need to look for when viewing a property? Take a look at these tips and make the most of your viewing.


Take a look at the step-by-step guide

When you are planning to buy a house, you want to know what choices you will have to make and how much you can borrow for a mortgage. Take a look at the step-by-step guide, which is clear, easy to understand and tailored to your situation.

Putting in an offer for your dream home

Just been on a viewing? Have a good feeling about the house? Make sure you are well prepared before you start negotiating.


Viewing a house: check these 10 tips

What do you need to look for when viewing a property? Take a look at these 10 tips and make the most of your viewing.

  1. How much space and how many bedrooms do you need?

    Also think about the future: are you planning to have (more) children? Or will you need a study in the future? 

  2. Which way does the garden or balcony face?

    A south-facing garden gets lots of sun, a north-facing one not so much. An east-facing garden means sun in the morning, while a west-facing garden gets sun in the afternoon and early evening. Also consider the size of the garden. A big garden or patio requires more maintenance. Are you willing to spend time and money on that?

  3. Can you refurbish?

    If the layout is not quite to your liking, look for refurbishment possibilities. Is there room for an extension? Or to build a dormer? Make an estimation of what that would cost or ask a contractor to go with you on a viewing.

  4. Take your time and explore the area

    What neighbourhood would you like to live in? What facilities are important to you? Look at things such as parking, schools and shops. Also visit the neighbourhood at night. Ask how long houses in the area take to sell, on average. And check the zoning plan to avoid any unwelcome surprises in the future.

  5. What is the state of repair of the house?

    Take a particularly close look at the woodwork of the window frames. When was the last time the house was painted? Check the condition of the concrete and brickwork. Check for loose parts. Is there any crumbling stonework? During the viewing, ask the seller’s estate agent about ‘hidden defects’. He or she is required by law to share these with you.

  6. What energy label does the house have?

    The energy label specifies how energy-efficient a house is. Is the house well insulated? Does it have double glazing? How old is the central-heating boiler? Energy labels range from A to G, where A is the most energy-efficient and G the least.

  7. Asbestos, mould or contaminated soil?

    Is there asbestos in the house or mould in the concrete? If the seller is aware of it, they are required by law to let you know. Your estate agent can also tell you whether there is a chance that there is asbestos in the home. A specialist will then be able to assess whether there is. The same goes for contaminated soil.

  8. What about the foundations?

    You can’t see them, but they’re hugely important. There is often information available about the condition of foundations for a whole district. In Amsterdam, you can even request a foundation code for a property. Ask your estate agent for this information.

  9. What about the ground lease?

    In some cases, you will not own the land under your home, such as when you buy a property on a ground lease basis. You will then pay rent to the freeholder. This is called ground rent. Always make sure you ask how often you will be required to pay ground rent and how you can buy out the leasehold for a longer period of time to prevent price increases in the future.

  10. What about the Owners’ Association?

    When you buy a flat or apartment, you will have to deal with the building's Owners’ Association (Vereniging van Eigenaren or VvE).

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