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Fund Advice

Man met koffie overlegt

Personal or online advice on investment funds


  • Suitable for investments starting at €75,000

  • Advice from your financial advisor or online

  • Renowned fund institutions

25.000 euro

Suitable for investments starting at €75,000

You are sensible with your money. You want to make your own investment decisions but don't want the hassle of following the market. Why not get tailored advice from one of our financial advisors? Your personal financial advisor will help you with long-term investments, and it's nice to have someone to bounce ideas off. You can also get online advice if you need it. Fund Advice (Fondsadvies) is suitable if you want to invest more than €75,000.

Advice from your financial advisor or online

With Fund Advice, you get personal advice on investment funds from your personal financial advisor or online. This advice enables you to invest in the funds that match your risk profile. Once a month, we will check whether your investment portfolio is in line with your goals. Your financial advisor will discuss your portfolio with you at least once a year and will send you an investment proposal if necessary. You decide whether you follow the advice.

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Renowned fund institutions

With Fund Advice, you get personal advice on investment funds from the best fund institutions. The funds are spread across regions around the world. On average, your money will be invested in 10 funds.

Investments that are right for you

You decide how you invest your money. But before you get started, it's good to determine what kind of investor you are and what your risk profile is. We have six risk profiles ranging from very defensive (very low risk) to very offensive (very high risk). Together, we will choose the profile that matches your wishes and goals.

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Total yield for Fund Advice investing

Risk 2012 2013  2014 2015 2016
Very defensive 4.6% -0.2% 2.6% 0.7% 1.5%
Defensive 6.6% 3.3% 6.4% 3.6% 3.5%
Moderately defensive 9.7% 6.3% 9.7% 5.9% 5.0%
Moderately offensive 11.4% 10.1% 11.2% 7.0% 5.5%
Offensive 12.6%  13.8%  12.3% 8.8% 5.3%
Very offensive 12.7% 18.5% 11.2% 9.8% 5.1%

Source: ABN AMRO Investment Risk. Returns per 31-12-2016.
Returns if all investment advice of ABN AMRO were immediately followed. Based on the geometric average.
Management costs and transaction costs not taken into account. As a result the net returns will be lower.
More information about transaction cost can be found at the page about investment costs.
Returns shown refer to the ABN AMRO Model portfolios*. These may differ from individual client portfolios.
The value of your investments can fluctuate. Past performance is not an indicator of future results.

*  ABN AMRO Model portfolios
ABN AMRO constructs a Model portfolio per risk profile. In accordance with the investment policy as laid down by our Investment committee. This forms the basis for our personalized investment advice, in accordance with your wishes and conditions. The ABN AMRO Model portfolio for your chosen risk profile can be viewed through Internet Banking. 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.

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