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Investment Costs

Straightforward investment costs

At ABN AMRO, you can invest in different ways in different investment products. The costs that you pay depend on:

  • How you invest

  • How you submit your orders

  • The investment products that you select.

On 1 January 2014, the distribution fees, or commission, that the bank received from investment funds were eliminated. You now pay for the investing services that you receive directly from the bank. Do you invest in an investment fund or structured products through the bank? We used to receive a fee from the suppliers of these products. We now only offer investment funds that do not have a distribution fee (commission-free). This increases the fund's return.

The following costs have been eliminated:

  • Custodial fee: This fee was charged to manage some investment funds, classic stocks and options.

  • Coupons/Redemption fee: This fee was charged when coupons, dividends and the face value of bonds were paid out.

The transaction costs have been simplified. See the cost sheets on this page.


Costs per type of investing

The costs that you pay are different for each type of investing.

  • Self-directed Investing: You pay for the administration of your investment portfolio and all of the investment information you receive from ABN AMRO.

  • Advice costs for Investing with Advice: You pay for the administration of your investment portfolio, all of the investment information and all of the advice you receive from ABN AMRO.

  • All-in fee for Let the bank invest for you: You pay for the administration and management of your portfolio, the transaction costs and all of the investment information.

The minimum costs for each type of investing are based on the costs that ABN AMRO incurs to offer a specific type of investing.


Cost sheets for investing

For each transaction, you pay costs, such as transaction costs, service costs and advice costs (where applicable). See the cost sheet for your type of investing:


Transaction costs for investment funds that ABN AMRO cannot automatically process

There are some investment funds that we cannot automatically process. That's why the costs are higher. For these investment funds, you pay 2% in transaction costs for every buy order and 1% in transaction costs for every sell order.

Third-party taxes and costs

You also pay taxes and costs to other parties, such as:

  • Stamp Duty

  • Financial TransactionTax (FTT) 

  • Management fees for an investment fund


The 'Investment Invoice' gives you insight into the service/advice costs

The amount that is debited from your account is on the 'Investment Invoice'. You can download the Investment Invoice from Internet Banking a few days before the amount is debited. Read the instructions to find out how you can view the invoice. If you know what you'll be paying, you can make sure that you have enough money in your account. The costs are debited from the same account from/to which buys and sells are booked.

If you use Internet Banking, you can download the invoice after you have logged in. If you do not use Internet Banking, you will receive the invoice by post. The advice costs (Beleggen Met Advies (Investing with Advice)) or service costs (Zelf beleggen (Self-directed Investing)) for the second quarter of 2014 will be debited from your (savings) account around August 1. The transaction date is the same as the interest date.

The costs are listed on the invoice with and without VAT. Self-directed Investing and Self-directed Investing Plus are exclusive of VAT.

Overview of the costs of your investments

The costs associated with your investments are clearly listed in your cost overview. The overview is included in your portfolio overview or your asset management reports. The costs are explained in a document we have compiled for you and which is available for download below. Did you know, for instance, that ongoing charges are included in the investment product's price and not charged separately?


How are the service/advice costs collected?

The costs that you pay depend on the type of investing you choose. The costs are invoiced once a quarter in arrears on the last Friday of the next month after the end of the quarter. If you only invested for part of the quarter, you will only pay for the period you invested in.

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