Home insurance

Everything in and around your home well insured

Home contents insurance

Perhaps someone breaks into your home, or maybe a water pipe bursts, flooding your living room. When faced with loss or damage to possessions in your home, you do not need to worry: with your home contents insurance you are covered. And your personal property in your garage or shed is also insured up to a maximum of €5000.

Liability insurance

ABN AMRO’s liability insurance gives you the protection you (and your spouse or partner and children) need when someone holds you liable for damage. Nice to have if you accidentally break something belonging to someone else, for example, or if someone is injured and it is your fault.

Home insurance

Home insurance is indispensable when buying your own home. It insures you against the sudden and unexpected financial consequences of break-ins, fire, storms and lightning strike.

Legal expenses insurance

Anyone can find themselves embroiled in a legal dispute, and you could end up paying enormous legal bills in such a situation. Our legal expenses insurance covers you for the costs of legal advice and assistance.

Valuables insurance

If you own expensive musical instruments, for example, or valuable jewellery or works of art, these precious possessions are well insured worldwide with valuables insurance.

Laptop insurance

With our laptop insurance, your laptop and tablet are insured worldwide against theft, damage and loss, in the home and when you take them with you, even on holiday.