Package discount

If you have taken out your insurance with ABN AMRO, the policies will complement each other perfectly, preventing duplicate coverage and overpayment. All your insurance comes under one single policy. Read on to find out what components make up your insurance premium and when you will get a discount.

Up to 5% package discount

The more package policies you take out with ABN AMRO, the higher your discount.

  • If you have three insurance policies, you receive a 3% discount
  • If you have four insurance policies, you receive a 4% discount
  • If you have five insurance policies, you receive a 5% discount

The package discount is credited to your account at the end of every year.

20% discount on your home contents insurance premium

If your home has burglary protection measures in place, you are entitled to a 20% discount on the premium for the comprehensive or all risks cover and for the glass cover under the home contents insurance policy.



How much premium you pay depends on what you would like to have covered. You will also be charged the following fees:

Policy fee

You are given one policy for each type of insurance. The policy fee is €4.39 (including insurance tax). If you have another non-life insurance policy with ABN AMRO, you will not be charged an additional policy fee when taking out a second or subsequent policy.


ABN AMRO Bank N.V. acts as an intermediary for and advises personal customers on ABN AMRO Schadeverzekering N.V. non-life insurance products. In exchange for this service, we receive a fee that amounts to a certain percentage of the premium. You can read more about our services on our non-life insurance information sheet (Informatieblad Schadeverzekeringen).

Administration fee

If this is the first non-life insurance policy you are taking out with ABN AMRO, you will be charged an administration fee of € 0.69 (including insurance tax) for collecting the premium. If you already have another non-life insurance policy with ABN AMRO, you will not be charged an administration fee this time. If you have more than one package policy, the premiums for your policies will be debited on the same day, either monthly or annually.

Insurance tax

You will be charged 21% insurance tax on the insurance premium and fees. This is included in the premium calculation. An exception is made for Annual Travel Insurance, which is only partly taxed. The 21% insurance tax you pay depends on your family situation.