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Buying a house

You will need these insurances

How wonderful that you are going to buy a house!

Buying a house is an exciting and fun time. But it is also a time when you have a great many things to take care of. Just think about a mortgage, the notary, the transfer as well as your insurances. For example, which insurances are mandatory when buying a house? Which ones are important? And what else should you think about?

See what insurances you need for your house

Compulsory insurances

  • Home insurance

Your mortgage lender often requires you to take out home insurance when you buy a house. If you're buying a flat, check whether you need a home insurance at all. Home insurance provides cover for damage to your house, garage or shed caused by storm or fire, for example

  • Term life insurance

This insurance makes sure your surviving relatives aren’t left with financial worries about things like your home or mortgage. Term life insurance is not always compulsory.

Important insurances

  • Home contents insurance

Replacing your furniture and belongings after theft, fire or storm is often more expensive than you think. With a home contents insurance, you will be reimbursed for the cost of repair or replacement in such situations.

If you’re moving to an apartment, check whether your owners’ association has insured the windows in your home. If they haven’t, you can include the windows in your insurance with us.

  • Liability insurance

Liability insurance is not compulsory, but it is very important. Liability insurance provides cover for you and your family members for damage to others and their belongings. For example, because you have damaged something belonging to someone else. Or because someone suffers personal injury because of you.

Useful insurances

  • Legal expenses insurance

Many people do not think about a legal expenses insurance when buying a house. Which makes sense, because you don't naturally assume you are going to have a conflict. Nevertheless, it may be useful to take out a legal expenses insurance with the Consumer and Living module if you are buying a house. This, for example, insures you against a dispute with your neighbours over a fence. Or a dispute with your contractor over the remodelling of your house.

It is important that you have already taken out this insurance before a conflict arises.


When do I need to take out my insurances?

It is important that you have taken out the insurance policies listed below on the date you sign your purchase agreement of the house you have bought:

  • Home insurance
  • Term life insurance (not always compulsory)
  • Home contents insurance
  • Liability insurance

You can often take out these insurance policies earlier. You can choose the effective date of the insurance policies yourself.

Working from home and insurance

Working from home is covered, provided the risk of damage does not increase. If you or your family member use your home or outbuilding for business purposes, this prevents you taking out home insurance in certain cases. For example, if you have a practice space at home, such as a beauty salon. Or if you receive clients at home. Any questions? We are happy to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Does this apply to you? In some cases, you can take out business insurance for this.

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Moving house and your insurance

Have you found a new home and are about to move? How exciting! To make sure you are well insured in your new home, we have listed 3 quick checks for all your insurance needs. For example, did you know that where you live affects your car insurance premium?

Frequently asked questions

If you’re moving house and still living in your old home, your possessions are insured at both properties for as long as the move takes. Once you’ve started living in your new home, please remember to update your address with us within 14 days.

Do you have a home contents insurance or home insurance? Then it is important that you change the address for these insurances within 14 days of moving.

If you are moving house, you will need a new home insurance. It is important that this insurance is active at the time you signed the purchase agreement. Remember to cancel your current home insurance, if you have one.

How to change your insurance.

Yes, this is possible. Your old and new homes are both covered under your current home contents insurance as standard for as long as the move takes.

If one of your homes is empty for longer than 4 months, please get in touch with us.

In some cases, you can’t take out ABN AMRO home insurance for your house. For instance, if your home is at a holiday park, if you rent out a room in your home or if your home is unoccupied.
If you store possessions at a family member’s or friend’s house or in a storage facility, you have limited cover up to €5,000 per event. This cover can’t be increased.