Tax return for 2019

You have from 1 March 2020 to 1 May 2020 to file your tax return for 2019 with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. If you find doing your taxes daunting or difficult, use our handy step-by-step guide to direct you through the whole process from preparation to completion and you’ll see it’s not that bad.

Preparing your tax return

Step 1: Preparing your tax return

When you decide to file your tax return, it is always a good idea to gather together all the information you need beforehand. Very conveniently, you will find that much of the information has already been pre-filled on your tax return for you by the Tax and Customs Administration.

Filling your tax return

Step 2: Filling your tax return

Make sure you know which homeownership costs are tax-deductible in Box 1 of your tax return and whether there are any exemptions you qualify for in Box 3. 

Afer filling your tax return

Step 3: After filling your tax return

If after filing your tax return with the Tax and Customs Administration you find that you need to change something, correct an error, or provide additional details, simply file again online.