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5 reasons to have a credit card

Every day is a holiday! Whether you’re off for some winter sports, travelling to distant lands or going on a road trip, a credit card is a must-have for your holiday. Here are the top 5 reasons to use a Student Credit Card. Note: you need a Dutch passport to apply.


Use a credit card to book your flight

  • A credit card is the most secure way to pay for your flight. International Card Services (ICS) works to prevent fraud 24 hours a day, and that’s good to know.
  • All your purchases are protected, and that includes flight tickets. So if the airline goes bust, you won’t lose out.
  • Many airlines only accept credit cards.

Use a credit card to hire a car

Hiring a car is easiest if you have a credit card, and paying by credit card is often compulsory. As well as paying the rental fee, you’ll also have to pay a deposit, which you can sometimes pay in cash, but will usually have to pay by credit card. This is because the deposit amount is not actually charged to your card, but simply reserved. If you damage the car, only the amount required to cover the damage will be charged to your card.

Use a credit card to pay toll charges

A credit card is crucial for your road trip. In many countries you can only pay toll charges in cash or by credit card, and the queue for cash payments is always a lot longer than for credit card payments.

Make payments all over the world, online and offline

If you’ve travelled a lot, you’ve probably noticed that you get some funny looks if you try and pay with a debit card. A lot of places won’t even accept debit cards. With a Student Credit Card, you can make payments all over the world, without any hassle. You can also withdraw cash using your credit card, although you will have to pay a fee, usually 4% of the withdrawal amount.

Use a credit card to buy festival tickets

If you’re hitting the festival circuit instead of going on holiday, why not use a credit card to buy festival tickets? If the event is cancelled for any reason, you can dispute the purchase and get your money back. ICS will tell you how to submit a dispute. You can also submit a dispute if you’ve made an online purchase and the seller hasn’t delivered the product.

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Student Credit Card

  • Almost all of your purchases insured for 180 days: against loss, theft or damage.
  • Delivery guarantee: for online purchases
  • Contactless payments:  pay small amounts swiftly